Oak Bay News reader gets a laugh at young bucks’ expense

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Oak Bay News reader Robin Gubby offers a trio of images offering that hint of late spring brightness.

The two flower photos, were taken on a driving tour of the Monterey and Victoria avenues area of Oak Bay.

“The photo of the two young bucks was taken through the window at a house I used to own in Rockland, actually taken several years ago, but at this time of year. I have seen several (not the same two) this week walking by my patio in Oak Bay (but I didn’t have my camera with me!),” Gubby said in an email to the Oak Bay News.

“The other night I nearly ran down two more on Foul Bay Road just by the Brighton crosswalk, who just stood looking at the car as I came to a stop, then walked by slowly. I didn’t get their names.”

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