Find a tasty array of fresh, local foods to help make healthier eating a breeze.

5 steps to save time and eat healthy

Smart shopping solutions to help you spend less time preparing your food and more time enjoying it!

What’s the hardest part about eating healthy? Finding the time. Time to source the right ingredients, time to shop and time to think of a way to make it all come together.

And as we head toward fall, with back to school, back to activities and other new obligations, time is even more limited.

The good news? Pepper’s Foods, in Cadboro Bay village, has five simple steps to your healthy eating solution:

Step 1: Go early. Take advantage of our 7 a.m. opening, no one wants to shop after a long day at work and as an added bonus, lines are pretty short at 7 a.m. Can’t get into the store? Call or email for our same-day delivery and they’ll work around your schedule.

Step 2: Shop local. While shopping, look for shelf tags highlighting local items. Pepper’s has many locally sourced items in every department. Local means fresher ingredients packed full of nutrition.

Step 3: Think small. Sometimes the smallest meals pack the most punch. Try to keep some of your meals to a five-ingredient limit – easy to cook and easy to shop for. You’ll free up time and get the nutrition you need.

Step 4: Get ready. Realize not all pre-made food is bad for you! Pepper’s deli has many locally made, ready-to-eat options available that are made with fresh, with non-processed ingredients right here on the Island. A few to look for include Fresh Coast Wraps & Salads, Ruby’s pakoras and samosas from The Mantra, but with so many to try, browse the aisle and find your own new favourites.

Step 5: Have fun with your food!


Committed to local and ethically sourced products, Pepper’s Foods is open daily in Cadboro Bay Village. Find same-day home delivery, daily savings for students and special seniors’ days Tuesday and Wednesday.

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