LETTER: Contract shows contempt for taxpayers

Unless Saanich council finds some way to rescind the outrageous contract of our newly minted millionaire chief of police, or the chief develops a sense of financial integrity and resigns, I will not be voting for any current member of Saanich council, including the mayor. In fact it was the mayor who seems to be primarily responsible for this financial debacle.

This particular episode in Saanich’s quite dismal financial record epitomizes quite clearly the lack of financial accountability council has shown over very many years, with regard to beleaguered Saanich taxpayers. Little wonder our taxes increase annually at an unsustainable rate.

How a public servant, regardless of their length of service or status in the municipality, is able to obtain a severance payout of some $400,000, and then to have the police board suggest that it might take some three years to find a replacement, are only two of many mind-blowing questions which come to mind.

Did the mayor, the police board and the chief of police actually believe that this outlandish show of financial mismanagement was going to go unchallenged amongst Saanich’s taxpaying population? Some things that occur in Saanich must surely give residents pause as to the competence of those supposedly managing the municipality on behalf of all residents. This file clearly tops the list.

H.J. Rice