LETTER: Dog waste left on Mount Douglas trails

This is to the irresponsible dog owners that utilize the Mount Douglas Park and trail systems. I understand and love the fact that people are allowed to walk and exercise their dogs at Mount Doug. What I don’t love is the dog owners that bag their dog’s feces and subsequently leave little plastic (biodegradable or not) all over the mountain trails.

You have chosen to walk your dog in a mountain park that does not have garbage cans readily available throughout the trail. Like all trail users in B.C. “pack in, pack out.” It is disgusting and irresponsible to leave your dog’s feces bagged in any outdoor space.

Whom do you think is responsible to pick up and throw away these bags? Your dog = your problem. The rest of us utilizing these trails would prefer you don’t litter in it. How is it any different than a disposable coffee cup or pop can left in the forest? Guess what, It isn’t.

Jenn Iskiw