LETTER: Political agenda controlled by a few

I read the letter from H.J. Rice, ‘Contract shows contempt for taxpayers’ (Oct. 11 Saanich News) and truly do understand what he is upset with.

I can tell your from experience not one of those councillors care if you do not vote for them. To be honest, it takes very little to get elected as so few residents vote. All each of them need is a few people usually in their own area with their own agenda to get successfully elected. Unfortunate but true.

So it really is all of us to blame as we only care about our own backyard, and if a neighbourhood leader helps get rid of anything deemed a detriment or gets a few extras, they have a voting block. It is really very few people who decide, just check the numbers of the last election.

Even worse is how few of us vote for MLA and MP. I wasted my vote in the last federal election knowing MP Elizabeth May had a very loyal group. I spoke to most of our candidates running in our last provincial election and was shocked at their agendas. I am very sorry to say I have become one of the non-voting residents. And will not vote again until I find a truly sincere candidate that cares equally for all their constituents in all levels of government.

As I am also confused about what happened, there is really nothing anyone can do now as it is our bill to pay. And it’s not the police chief’s issue, as he is only doing what any of you would do in same situation.

As I was trying to get help for a toxic issue dumped on us with no warning, a few neighbours told me to run for mayor. I thought about it and if I ever did decide to, I would donate 100 per cent of the salary back to Saanich residents. Unfortunately I go to bed early and could not stay awake for the late council meetings.

D.L. Pearson