Staircase disrupts trail’s serenity

The path beneath Lindsay Street has been finished. It is beautifully landscaped, Colquitz River gurgles soothingly, the air is clean, the green of shrubs and trees, the birds singing – all a joy.

Then you get suddenly to a big structure which disturbs the serenity of it. A staircase, made from concrete, suddenly comes down onto the path. It is big, it is ugly, it’s an eye sore. There is no reason for it to be there, as a few paces farther on a nice foot path is coming down. It is totally over the top. How many people at once will ever come down those stairs?

One walks on and at what is now the end of the path, at Wilkinson Road at the new bridge, on the right end of it a foot path goes up to access it and on the other end of the bridge another foot path, much larger, is also going up.

I wonder who designed it. Council must have been asleep when it was agreed upon. A lot of money wasted. I wonder how many trash bins could have been installed in places where they are very much needed. There is none at either end of this path. Many dogs are walked there and we know what they do. It would be nice to see that taxpayers’ money is used with more caution.

Karin Hertel