Too far to go to vote

We used to be able to walk to our polling station, but now it has now moved a considerable distance away

For the last several elections, federal, provincial and municipal, we have been able to walk to our polling station. This time, it is not possible. We could not walk to our designated polling station, it is just too far.

Before we always voted several blocks away at out local elementary school. We live south of Harriet and Burnside and we have always voted at Tillicum school or at Silver Threads, both of which are within walking distance. This time, we have to go out West Burnside to Interurban Road to Colquitz junior secondary.

That’s way on the other side of the Island Highway and there are no sidewalks for much of the route since we live in Saanich. Why are there not more polling stations in our riding that are within walking distance for voters? Is this some devious plan to reduce voter turnout even more?

Bill Williamson