Andrew Weaver

MLA Report: Pilot projects will allow B.C. to calculate costs of basic income

Basic income has potential to help respond to the growing shift towards more part-time work

MLA Report: Basic income model worth exploring

Sixteen per cent of adults and 20 per cent of children live in poverty today

MP Report: Fentanyl crisis shows need for facilities

People are dying. We need to help them, not make ads about them

Support available for drug users

More than 600 people have died of drug overdoses in the first 10 months of 2016, with 60 per cent linked to fentanyl

MLA Report: B.C. has limited ability to respond to oil spills

B.C. has capacity to respond to a 10,000-tonne spill, while a single tanker can carry over 100,000 tonnes

MLA Report: On-campus housing will help address rental shortage

Province should reverse its stance on preventing universities from acquiring self-supporting debt to build more on-campus housing

MLA Report: Taking aim at corporate and union donations

Green Party leader addresses UBCM on corporate and union donations

MP Report: Making mandatory tests fair to seniors

Drivers over 80 forced to foot the bill for mandatory health examinations

MLA Report: Not too late to change course on Site C dam

Dam construction would flood more than 5,000 hectares of land

Rental market crisis taking root in B.C.

MLA Report: Andrew Weaver finds few units students can afford in Oak Bay - Gordon Head

Designated long-term rental units desperately needed

Oak Bay - Gordon Head MLA says long-term and ongoing data collection is vital to the future of homes in B.C.

No single policy will fix housing affordability crisis

B.C. Green Party leader says sluggish, piecemeal approach won't result in livable communities

MLA Report: Campsite middlemen need to better serve British Columbians

The people of British Columbia already own our provincial parks, it’s time for the government to step in and correct the situation.

Addressing climate change requires real action

B.C. Green Party leader says province is falling behind on actions to prevent climate change

Time for a new direction in climate leadership

Oak Bay Gordon Head MLA says to be a climate leader we need strong climate policies

Reducing money’s political influence

MLA calls for ban on corporate and union donations to political parties

A crisis in Island’s old-growth forests

More than 90 per cent of the biggest and most productive low-elevation old-growth forests on Vancouver Island have now been logged

Province’s MSP system a hardship for seniors

MLA calls for progressive version of MSP premiums to be rolled into province's income tax system

Bill targets sexual violence on campus

Oak Bay - Gordon Head MLA tables Post-Secondary Sexual Violence Policies Act

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