Christin Geall

Success with sweet peas

When the weather settles, plant ‘hardened-off’ sweet peas in the garden

Follow on: Instagram for gardeners

As a primarily visual medium, Instagram eschews politics and offers beauty with few beasts

Fence me in: A look at garden enclosures

Giving some thought to structure in the garden

Some garden books for under the tree

Great gift ideas for the green-thumb around your home

Smitten with salvias in Sussex

William Robinson, one of the most influential of English gardeners, developed the Gravetye's gardens in 1884

A good gardener is hard to find

There are so many things I can’t do: prune tall trees, move hulking shrubs, trim towering hedges or weed for hours

Roots of horticulture exhibitions date back almost two centuries

A formality exists in flower competitions, a kind of obsessive edge that both repels and impresses me

Floral arrangements can help you bring the red out

Red is a tricky colour for some gardeners so many reserve it for a side show to the main event of more conservative cool tones

Aiming high: the benefits of tall plants in the garden

Rather than confining a view, tall plants frame one, drawing your eye up into space

A primer on growing poppies

The bloom period of the plant is short but arresting in its intensity

Finding a natural solution to get the bugs out

Aphids feed on plant sap, but their damage is also due to what they secrete: a sticky ‘honeydew’ that quickly breeds a black mould

Simple steps can ensure success for your seedlings

Some plants require an early start to flower in one season but on the whole, most annuals benefit from a later start

Cedars can be worth the struggle

A wonderful shade tree, sublimely tolerant of damp soil, our western red cedars can take a beating and keep on kicking up new growth

What kind of gardener are you?

Rather than asking what kind of garden you want, I think it’s important to figure out first what kind of gardener you are

Tools of the trade can make all the difference

Having the right tools can make tasks in the garden much easier to accomplish

Seeds: The paradox of choice

Only order seeds from companies or growers that have climates similar to your own

The Holly and the Ivy: Foraging for foliage

English holly is a menace, so you should have absolutely no compunction about hacking it to your heart’s desire this holiday season

Constance Spry and the Crafting of Happiness

The Surprising Life of Constance Spry is the biography of an amazing gardener

When growing garlic the devil is in the details

Now is the time to plant garlic in Victoria and I guarantee it will be one of the most rewarding plants you’ve grown

The benefits of keeping a notebook for the garden

The beauty of designing your own notebook means you can record what it is you care about