Saanich News salutes neighbourhood heroes

Our Saanich Cause pays tribute to local organizations devoted to making their community better

Liberals campaigning on the public’s dime

Government advertising should be suspended in the four months leading up to an election

EDPA bylaw creates hostile environment

Council's decision to suspend EDPA's application should be followed up with a revised bylaw

Derman leaves a legacy of service to community

Tributes flow in for longtime Saanich councillor Vic Derman who died at the age of 72

Parents facing childcare crisis

Child care spaces becoming few and far between for parents in Saanich

ICBC finally takes aim at drivers causing crashes

How did it take this long for ICBC to realize drivers causing multiple crashes should pay more than those who don't?

Fight against bullies knows no boundaries

School district decision to suspend trips to the U.S. sends message that all students will be treated with respect

Political announcements get encore performance

Government can't get enough good news coverage in the run-up to provincial election

Residents fight to retain character of Cordova Bay

Developer pulls application for 25-unt condo project on Doumac Avenue

Vacant home tax will help to address issue

The latest census figures released this month show that 2,770 private homes in Saanich are unoccupied

Bullying problem cannot be solved by shirts alone

Commitment to stand up to bullies must continue throughout the year

Census figures show steady regional shift

Vast majority of growth in the Capital Region comes from the western communities

Canada has become new voice of liberty

America under Donald Trump turns its back on its traditional welcome to the world's tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free

Community rallies to ease father’s suffering

Jeff Buziak has been waiting nine years for justice in the murder of his daughter Lindsay

Death of shopping-cart philosopher and Mayor Dave a reality check for Saanich

Peter Verin’s death came just a week after that of “Mayor” Dave Armitage. They were two of Saanich’s most recognizable faces.

Homeowner grant hike shows faulty priorities

Owners of million-dollar homes shouldn't move to the front of the line for those in need of government assistance

Saanich gets ready to wave the flag

Celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of Canada's confederation will be held throughout the year

Cycling lane project invests in the future

Saanich council showed decisive action with plan for new cycling lane along McKenzie Avenue

Province paves way for more insurance hikes

If a motorist acted as recklessly on the road as the provincial government has handled ICBC, their licence would be revoked

Cordova Bay coming to grips with change

Development of Cordova Bay Plaza causing disruption for area business and residents