Editorial: There’s a cost to setting things right

It’s sure to be a solemn time for many of those people taking part in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Victoria.

Our View: Why isn’t CRD collecting scraps?

On first blush, this would seem to be another obvious example of the zaniness that comes with living in a Balkanized middle city.

EDITORIAL: No need to be like Jack

After Jack Layton died, everyone knew that whoever replaced him as federal leader of the NDP would have giant shoes to fill.

Get ready to crank it up

It’s been 23 years since a Victoria major junior hockey team made the Western Hockey League playoffs.

Labour spring of discontent

Much like the windstorms that have battered the Capital Region this week, a storm is brewing for the provincial government.

Hockey night in the region

It’s March and it’s the height of hockey season for Greater Victoria fans.

Rhetoric won’t end job action

The first volley has been shot in what had been little more than a simmering cold war for the last six months.

Raining on the palm parade

We were left shaking our head when Oak Bay council rejected a request by Oak Bay Tourism to hold its popular palm tree sale.

Time for province to make a deal

Next year’s provincial election could be won or lost by how the B.C. Liberal party plays its cards in the ongoing dispute with teachers.

NDP Leader needs the west

NDP hopefuls must lay the foundation of a relationship with the West to win the leadership race.

Bill C-30 shows Tories’ hypocrisy

We’re all for protecting children from Internet predators but that doesn’t mean we can’t also be seriously opposed to Bill C-30.

Government should listen to message of missing-women march

Memorial marchers ask us to remember the missing women. But Canadians need to do is work to stop the cycle of violence.

Businesses must be kept in loop

One group of stakeholders was left out of consultations in the pending closure of Craigflower Bridge.

Deer discussion begins heating up

Members of DeerSafe have a challenge on their hands.

Taxes can’t prop failing business

News that the publicly owned Cedar Hill Golf Course has been bleeding money has opened up a Pandora’s box.

Conservatives building legacy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper raised the spectre of reduced retirement income for Canadians last week. We shouldn’t be surprised.

Time to rethink Ferries’ future

Many people who regularly travel to the mainland would choose a bare bones voyage if it meant paying less.

Stormy weather offers lessons

B.C. Ferries needs to do a better job sharing information with anxious travelers

B.C. Premiers wield collective clout

B.C. comfortable with plans to base health-care transfer payments more on the country’s gross domestic product.

Province must fund Malahat unit

A new traffic enforcement unit focused on the Malahat will cost, but promises to save lives.