Lana Popham

MLA Report: Agriculture remains a priority ahead of election

In the past 10 months I have contributed 18 columns to the Saanich News

Concerns remain over sewage plan

Project board should meet with local residents to answer their questions and address their concerns

MLA Report: Pipeline expansion endangers environment

Project would mean more than 400 tankers every year passing right by our homes on the south Island

MLA Report: Working to preserve our watersheds

I (heart) Watersheds event takes place on Saturday at the Cordova Bay United Church

MLA Report: Celebrating sustainable food

Saanich South MLA committed to changing the world by the way she eats

MLA Report: B.C. child care costs must be more affordable

Child care costs in this region are normally at least $800 month and often substantially more

MLA Report: Communities struggle to deal with affordable housing crisis

Approximately 20 per cent of seniors are renters and many more live on a fixed income

MLA Report: Vampire energy continues to suck up electrical costs

Five to 10 per cent of our total home energy use is for appliances that aren't in use

MLA Report: Action needed to preserve Saanich lakes

Elk and Beaver lakes could eventually become a slimy, weed-infested swamp unfit for human contact

Reaching out to constituents on the doorstep

Saanich MLA hears from residents on issues such as climate change and housing unaffordability

A commitment to agriculture

Agriculture cannot be strengthened in B.C. without restoring the Ministry of Agriculture to a place of importance in the B.C. government

More must be done for struggling British Columbians

It is no wonder our food banks can’t keep up; an inexpensive place to live is next to impossible to find; and homeless shelters are full

Diversity of Maltby Lake is worth protecting

Maltby Lake and the surrounding 172 acres of undisturbed forest and wetlands are privately owned by members of an extended family

B.C. at risk of a real estate bubble

South Saanich MLA says province has failed to adequately regulate the real estate market

Island residents need better access to family doctors

There are now more than 50,000 residents of southern Vancouver Island who do not have access to a family doctor

Education requires renewed investment

B.C. has dropped from the second-best funded education system in Canada to the second-worst

It’s time for dialogue on assisted dying

Eighty-seven per cent of British Columbians support physician assisted dying, the highest percentage of any province in Canada