CACGV moves to new Saanich home

The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria is on the move.

This week the 45-year-old council moved into its new home in the Cedar Hill Rec Centre’s new arts wing.

“When we started thinking about an ideal location we could move to, we realized that Cedar Hill met all the criteria,” said CACGV president Bob Williams, citing their need for meeting space, galleries and art studios at their disposal.

Dwindling grant funding and the high cost of rent at its now-former downtown location forced the council to look elsewhere.

The partnership with the District of Saanich will provide local artists, connected through the CACGV, with a strong, community-based location where the promotion of art is the No. 1 goal.

“The two organizations have a lot of complementary strengths that, when you combine them, are greater than the sum of the parts,” said Carole Ireland, manager of Cedar Hill Rec.

She hopes the arts centre’s role of working with emerging artists, and the art council’s role of working with professionals will “give everyone a full continuum of opportunities to participate in the arts.”

The arts centre is expected to open in mid-July.