GALLERY: A day in the life of Saanich residents

1:30 p.m. Four-year-old Cyrus Munz climbs a slide at the Hamsterly Beach play park at Elk Lake. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
1:42 p.m. Eight-year-old Parker Reems (left), 10-year-old Tommy Reems (middle) and 11-year-old Josiah Toews celebrate a special find — a spoon — dug up during a dive into Elk Lake, near Hamsterly Beach. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
2:00 p.m. Kayaking instructor Jon Hyde smiles as he takes a ribbing from friends and students off camera. Hyde was tying up the boats after about four hours on the waters of Elk Lake. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
3:11 p.m. Christopher Lee, 11, attempts to perfect his flips off a diving board at the Saanich Commonwealth Place pool. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
3:11 p.m. Christopher Lee, 11, attempts to perfect his flips off a diving board at the Saanich Commonwealth Place pool. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
4:08 p.m. Sophie Demontmorency (right), and Xenon Calwell (back), help out a pair of customers at a Co-op gas station on West Saanich Road. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
4:48 p.m. Klaas Jansma, owner of Glanford Auto Service, repairs a propane tank before closing up shop for the day. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
5:18 p.m. Guillermo Valdes, 15, puts in some work on his jump shot at Beckwith Park. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
5:50 p.m. Jorge Nandayaba, a foreman with Proline Roofing, works into the evening on a home on Cordova Bay Road. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
6:09 p.m. Christie McShane (right) shares a laugh with Susan Pelny as the pair — along with Flint, the dog — watch the waves near the Gloria Place beach access. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
6:33 p.m. Badia Almasri prepares a batch of fries at the concession at Lambrick Park. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
6:48 p.m. Dan Phillips winds up for a pitch at Lambrick Park as his Rockies take on the Jays in Victoria Mavericks Baseball League action. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
6:54 p.m. The Rockies’ Mike Turcotte checks his swing during an at-bat against the Jays in Victoria Mavericks Baseball League action at Lambrick Park. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
7:04 p.m. The Rockies take on the Jays in Victoria Mavericks Baseball League action at Lambrick Park. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
7:18 p.m. Bartender Kris Schill pours a pint of Hoyne Brewings Dark Matter at The Monkey Tree Pub. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
7:44 p.m. Johane Mui helps a friend perfect her swing at the Reynolds Park tennis courts. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
8:22 p.m. Caleigh Higman (right) snaps a photo atop Pkols — Mount Douglas — of visiting friends. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
8:47 p.m. The peak of Pkols — Mount Douglas — provides a vast view as the sun sets across the Greater Victoria area. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
8:02 a.m. Dwayne Ochs from Venstra Consulting takes a break from landscaping at The Otto to show off the stickers on his helmet. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
8:49 a.m. Cyclists zip under the bridge at the Switchback, the spot where the Lochside Regional Trail meets the Galloping Goose Trail. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
8:51 a.m. Rob Fraser and his pup, Luna, pose mid-walk before he heads to work at Uptown. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
8:54 a.m. Rick Biernacki sips a hot drink before getting to work on a “double-rear ender” at Budget Repair.
9:27 a.m. The gardens at Outerbridge Park feel like another world as the street sounds disappear and the vibrant flora draws you in. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
9:32 a.m. Audrey Trenholm and Douglas Adams work on a flowerbed at Outerbridge Park. They have both been working with the Pulling Together Volunteer Program tidying up parks around the city for almost 10 years. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
9.36 a.m. Don’t be fooled by her small stature, Annabelle is 15 years old. She enjoys trotting through Outerbridge Park. Due to her age, she rides to the park in a baby carrier. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
9:51 a.m. Amy Willie, an employee at Blenkinsop Adventure Mini Golf, uses a leaf blower to tidy pine needles off each of the holes before the course opens at 10 a.m. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
9:56 a.m. Allan Poupart changes his shoes before playing nine holes at the Mount Douglas Golf Course. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
10:04 a.m. Joe Nelson, a beekeeper with Babe’s Honey for four years, pours a cup of Mermaid Tears Jun Elixr or Honey Kombucha. The blue drink is coloured with Blue Algae and flavoured with lemon, lime, lavender and hops. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
10:26 a.m. Rob Galey shows off a juicy strawberry, freshly plucked from his farm on Blenkinsop Road which he refers to as Uncle’s Farm. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
10:39 a.m. Julian Olivo (left) and Efrain Mena (right) pick raspberries at Galey Farm. On their breaks, they like to video chat with their families in South America. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
11:04 a.m. University of Victoria Mechanical Engineering Co-op student, Patrick Reed wires the LED drivers in the control box of an Algae Photobioreactors at Industrial Plankton. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
11:26 a.m. Four-year-old Brooklyn Bull plays in the water park at Uptown shopping mall. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
11:33 a.m. Elodie Chaumeton makes burritos at Puerto Vallarta Amigos at Uptown shopping mall for three Babcock Canada employees on their lunch break. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
11:48 a.m. Jesse Maddaloni looks up from his lunch at Big Wheel Burger. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
11:48 a.m. Jesse Maddaloni looks up from his lunch at Big Wheel Burger. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
11:59 a.m. Teddy Laver works at warp speed, preparing food during the lunch rush at Big Wheel Burger. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
12:48 p.m. Cole Shireves and his mom, Erika, stop for a photo before heading down to Swan Lake for his favourite activity, feeding the ducks. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
1:04 p.m. Sam Burden, an employee in the grocery and bulk sections at Thrifty Foods at the Quadra Street and McKenzie Avenue intersection, stocks the shelves in the back room. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
1:07 p.m. John and Pat Van Munster pose with their 1930 Model A Roadster Pickup. John is the sixth person to own the car. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
1:10 p.m. Lindsay Miskow watches in the mirror while her hairdresser, Keri Darrah, works on her “big chop” at the Evolve Hair Studio. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
1:25 p.m. Noushin Javanmard (left) and Nasser Pourmand (right) pose for a photo after making it through another lunch rush at Anar’s Grocery. Javanmard said she made six falafel wraps, twelve chicken wraps and six kababs. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
1:36 p.m. Cynthia Reid bribes her golden retrievers (left to right) Epic, Sturgis and Red with treats to pose for a photo. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
1:57 p.m. The Human and Social Development Building on the University of Victoria campus. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
2:08 p.m. Kennedy Williams, a Cree-Metis employee at the the First People’s House at the University of Victoria, poses next to a totem pole. Williams just finished running the 16th annual Indigenous Student Mini University Summer Camp for 25 Indigenous youth from across B.C. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
2:36 p.m. The doors of the Cornett Building look out onto a courtyard on the University of Victoria campus. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
3:08 p.m. Fadi Abu-Awwad (left), a fourth-year Kinesiology student, and Tameer Aldean (right), a fifth-year Kinesiology student, work with a replica of a human skeleton in their Anthropology 352 Human Osteology lab. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
3:32 p.m. A bike sits locked up outside the David Lam Auditorium on the University of Victoria campus. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
6:47 p.m. A Medical Office Assistant at the Royal Oak Centre Medical Clinic puts the tools used in the walk-in clinic that day into the autoclave machine to be cleaned. (Devon Bidal/News Staff)
8:03 a.m. Adrien Bancroft enjoys a quiet moment of contemplation with a cup of coffee as he waits for his bus at the Royal Oak bus-exchange. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
8:33 a.m. Dave Seguin of Sacred Garden Landscape mows the lawn of a private residence on Pipeline Road. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
7:59 a.m. Commuters hurry to catch a bus at the Royal Oak exchange. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
8:59 a.m. Patients line up outside the walk-in clinic in Saanich Plaza just before it opens at 9 a.m. (Wolf Depner/News Staff) 8:59 a.m. Patients are lining up outside a walk-in clinic in Saanich Plaza just before it opens at 9 a.m. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
9:05 a.m. Matthew Chalker of Men in Kilts Window Cleaning sprays out the outside of the TD Canada Trust Bench in Saanich Plaza (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
10:33 a.m. Saanich Firefighter Curtis Thiessen takes a moment to enjoy the view of Saanich from the bucket of a fire engine, which he and comrades are using for a training exercise simulating an apartment fire. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
11:22 a.m. Jody Bidwell (foreground) looks on as Mike Vechiola rips up the pavement of Cloverdale Avenue near the Roundhouse Cafe as Saanich municipal crews were preparing to lay down new asphalt. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
11:25 Jody Bidwell digs into it as Saanich road crews were getting ready to lay down new asphalt on Cloverdale Avenue near the Roundhouse Cafe. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
12:51 p.m. Julia Daly, an ecologist with Saanich Native Plants, pauses for a photo while sorting through a few of the plants at the nursery. Saanich Native Plans is operated out of Haliburton Community Organic Farm. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
1:29 p.m. Four-year-old Cyrus Munz ponders a puzzle at the Hamsterly Beach play park at Elk Lake. (Kevin Menz/News Staff)
1:10 p.m. Ben Hogle, 2, enjoys the swings at Cadboro-Gyro Park with the help of grandmother Maureen Fikaro. (Kala Wood/News Staff)
2:30 p.m. Unsure Adam Learned, 17 months, gets a boost from mom, Jen Learned. (Kala Wood/Black Press Media)
2:35 p.m. Paddlers take advantage of a nice afternoon on the Gorge Waterway. (Kala Wood/News Staff)
2:40 p.m. (From left) Caitlin Shaw, Nathanael Laranjeiras, Liza Pikhteryeva enjoy the sunshine at the Gorge Park. (Kala Wood/News Staff)
2:05 p.m. Sgt. Julie Fast of the Saanich Police Department opens up one of the cells in the Saanich Police Department. (Wolf Depner/News Staff).
1:17 p.m. Exchange student Michelle Fang from China gets into the swing of things in the Cadboro-Gyro Park. (Wolf Depner/News Staff).
2:01 p.m. Sgt. Will Dodds of the Identification Team with Saanich Police inspects the contents of the unit’s mobile lab. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
4:43 p.m.An ominous sky greets motorists on the Pat Bay Highway just south of Elk/Beaver Lake. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
4:25 Afternoon rush hour traffic is building up both northbound and soundbound on the Pat Bay Highway in the Royal Oak area. (Wolf Depner/News Staff)
5:37 a.m. A boat floats in the waters near Hollydene Park Beach as the sun comes up. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
5:40 a.m. A cloud’s reflection bounces off a tide pool at Hollydene Park Beach during sunrise. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
6:32 a.m. Nicole Perry starts work at 2 a.m. most mornings in order to get COBS Bakery ready for customers. Here she is pictured cutting dough to make cinnamon buns. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
7:04 a.m. Traffic slows to a crawl near the McKenzie Interchange due to construction in the area. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
7:13 a.m. A man takes advantage of the slow-moving traffic by asking for spare change as the cars come to a standstill on the Trans-Canada Higway at McKenzie. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
7:20 a.m. A man on a bike flies by on the Galloping Goose Trail. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
7:22 a.m. Marika de Haitre, Cole Corrigall and Peter Howitt pose for a photograph near the McKenzie Interchange. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
7:55 a.m. A man, carrying a large bag full of bottles and cans, cycles along the Galloping Goose Trail. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
10:04 a.m. Sparrow the kitten makes a sad face after being put back in her kennel at the CRD Animal Shelter. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
10:17 a.m. Kathleen Davis poses with Sparrow the kitten at the CRD Animal Shelter. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
11:08 a.m. Vaughn Taylor practices 400m sprints at the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
11:28 a.m. Victoria Sutherland poses in a Formula SAE inspired race car at Camosun Colllege as part of the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Camosun College. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
11:31 a.m. Kaylum Foley and Kieran Males show off a device they’ve created for an upcoming brewery which will turn excess grain mash into pellets that can later be used to heat the brewery as part of the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Camosun College. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
11:37 a.m. Two construction workers maneuver a large dumpster at Camosun College. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
12:22 p.m. A man practices jumps on the ice at G.R. Perks Recreation Centre. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
12:43 p.m. Marianne Batz browses books at the Greater Victoria Public Library’s Saanich Centennial Branch. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
12:51 p.m. Sonia Nicholson poses for a photo amongst the years-old books in the Saanich Archives. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
12:55 p.m. Tanya Strubin and her two sons, Parker and Conor Torn, play games on the computers at the Greater Victoria Public Library’s Saanich Centennial Branch. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
12:35 p.m. Clayton Howe lifts weights at G.R. Perks Recreation Centre. (Kendra Crighton/News Staff)
12:25 p.m. Nicole Meredith donates blood at Canadian Blood Services in Saanich under the watchful eye of donor care associate Lance Bull. (Lisa Vassiliadis/Black Press Media)

Saanich is a diverse municipality with so much to offer residents.

But photographing the region’s largest municipality is no easy task. We wanted to highlight as much of Saanich as possible, including the people, places and businesses that make it so special.

From your local businesses making sure you have the fuel needed to start your day (both for your body and vehicle), throughout the workday and into the evening with residents enjoying some of the leisure opportunities Saanich has to offer, it’s all featured in the following pages. We hope it inspires you to try something new or revisit an old favourite that may have fallen out of your routine.

On Thursday, July 18, our team, including Wolf Depner, Devon Bidal, Kendra Crighton, and Kevin Menz, hit the streets to photograph as much as possible between sunrise and sunset. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get all of those photos into our print edition, so keep an eye out in future editions of the Saanich News for more.

– Katherine Engqvist

Bureau Chief,

Greater Victoria News Hub

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