Home and Yard: Harvesting in the burbs

Hatchet & Seed aren’t the only gardeners and landscapers in the region offering edible landscapes

Hatchet & Seed aren’t the only gardeners and landscapers in the region offering edible landscapes, but their unique approach sets them apart.

“We understand that clients are of a do-it-yourself mind, so we offer our services at all levels,” said co-owner Tayler Krawczyk of Hatchet & Seed.

“We do consultations and design work for edible landscaping, but we will also come by to pull weeds and do maintenance. We’ll harvest the food and leave it at the door.”

“If you’re in the landscape renovation market, why not leverage the money and have it come back as food?” – Tayler Krawczyk

Krawczyk, who is North Saanich based, pushes for multi story plantings, with fruit trees surroudned by an understory that’s edible, herbal or medicinal.

“For clients who are DIY, they want ideas or designs, and we’ll show them either our own property (a two-acre plot in North Saanich) or visit a house we’ve worked on for ideas. We’ll provide them with a plan or help them do it themselves.

“It’s an emerging trend to have an edible landscape, commercial buildings are going that route, and we’re lucky we’ve been able to focus 100 per cent on it, as other landscapers do it too.”

Krawcyzk makes regular trips to Vancouver to train the staff of commercial buildings on permaculture, teaching them to plant and maintain edible landscapes.

But it’s residential homes which make up the bigger share of Hatchet & Seed’s business, led by the retiree demographic.

“Some clients don’t want to maintenance their garden but we at least try to pull the clients out with us for the harvesting. It’s a good opportunity for them to connect with the land, and it’s the fun stuff.”