Saanich grad’s paper dress fetches $1,150

Reynolds secondary grad Erinne Paisley has sold her paper prom dress for a closing bid of $1,150.

Erinne Paisley in the paper dress.

Erinne Paisley in the paper dress.

Reynolds secondary grad Erinne Paisley has sold her paper prom dress – which went viral online earlier this month – for a closing bid of $1,150.

Paisley posted the actual dress to after photos of it earned national media attention at her Reynolds prom and graduation on May 31. The dress is made of Paisley’s recycled math homework and bears the writing, “I received my education, not every woman has.,” in red marker.

“I’m extremely happy (the dress) sold and I’m very excited to be (starting) a few projects that have arisen from this experience,” Paisley says.

To this day the photo’s original post, on Spotted in Victoria’s Facebook page, carries 11,712 likes and 2,275 shares, heavy lifting for a (previously) little known high school student’s dress. Paisley originally donated $250 to, the money she would have spent on a ready-made prom dress. Once the dress caught the public’s attention she contributed a blog post about the dress on, the site created by Pakastani women’s activist Malala Yousafzai.

Paisley does not know dress’ purchaser, Becky Moynan, but is deeply indebted to her.

“This has been such an amazing experience to go through (as I exit) high school and I’m extremely grateful for it,” Paisley said.  “It has taught me many, many things, including things I’m continuing to learn about, (such as) how to integrate activism into pop culture to reach a youth-based audience and create further positive change.”

This month Paisley will launch her new project,, which is already on Facebook (Pop Activism) and Twitter @popactivism. Paisley will attend the University of Toronto in September for international relations.