Slugs star at Swan Lake Nature House

Participants can make slug slime, try on slug goggles and sing slug songs

This Sunday it’s all about the slugs at the Swan Lake Nature House. Dubbed “Slug Day,” the fun and educational afternoon for the whole family celebrates the slimy creatures with a variety of activities, crafts, songs and more.

“It’s an excellent time of year,” said program naturalist RenĂ©e Cenerini. “When it’s cold and dark and rainy, a lot of animals will stay hidden. But if you go out on a hike, you’re almost guaranteed to see slugs.”

Participants can make slug slime, try on some slug goggles, sing slug songs and, weather permitting, head outside to look for the little critters.

Swan Lake is an ideal slug habitat, Cenerini said.

“There’s lots of leaf litter, lots of shaded spots for them to go so they don’t dry out.”

Slug Day activities run Nov. 27 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Swan Lake Nature House, 3873 Swan Lake Road. Admission is by donation.