Swan Lake a buzz of activity on Sunday

Nature sanctuary hosts drop-in event focused on bees

There’s a buzz surrounding this weekend’s event at the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary.

Bee Day is a drop-in event at the sanctuary planned for noon to 3 p.m. on Sunday.

The event will feature bee costumes, bee crafts and even some bee spit to taste. It will also answer many of your questions about life in a bee colony.

“Each hive has only one queen, her primary role is reproduction in the hive,” said program manager Renee Cenerini. “The hive also has several male drones, and non-fertile female workers. Each have their own specializations and place in the society. These are just some of the interesting facts participants might learn by attending Bee Day at Swan Lake.”

Swan Lake executive director Kathleen Burton said beyond the program, the sanctuary also offers an extensive trail system. “It is a beautiful way to enjoy bees outside as well,” she said.