Torquay makes playground push

Staff and students urge community to rally behind school in BCAA's online Play Here contest

Torquay Elementary is 70

Torquay Elementary is 70

Torquay Elementary is 70,000 votes closer to getting a new playground from BCAA’s online Play Here contest, but they still need your help. The school is urging residents to “Vote Torquay Everyday” by going to and voting with your email, Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. The winning finalist will receive up to $100,000 toward playground equipment.

The Gordon Head school is among five finalists in BCAA’s Play Here contest, which looks to provide one finalist with a new playground worth up to $100,000. The contest runs for the month of June, allowing one vote per day per person, and the finalist with the most votes will receive the grand prize.

The other finalists include General Brock Elementary in Vancouver, Windsor Elementary in Burnaby, the Crawford Bay Community Park and the Lillooet Rec Centre.

Last year, Torquay’s parent advisory council received a letter from the Greater Victoria school district, saying the aging playground would be removed in the near future. In the last three years, the PAC has raised about $27,000 for a new playground, but their original price estimate of $50,000 has further increased the funding gap.

The playground was torn down earlier this year, leaving behind a barren spot with only wood chips and rubber tires.

Voting is open until June 29, with the winner being announced July 11. Residents 18 and older can vote online at by selecting the Torquay elementary listing and clicking “Vote for This Space.”

For more information about the contest or to cast your vote, visit