Letter: Logic missing in Fletcher’s donation argument

Letter: Logic missing in Fletcher’s donation argument

Re: Every day is Labour Day for John Horgan’s NDP, Saanich News (Sept. 5)

Tom Fletcher needs new glasses, based on his puzzling description of donations to political campaigns by citizens versus the old practice of funds from unions, corporations, and taxpayers as “.. kind of like union dues you are being charged by political parties, even if you didn’t join… (or vote).”

How has he missed the central point that no “union dues” are required to donate to a political campaign?

Nor is employment by a corporation – as covered in his preceding commentary.

His well-known antipathy to unions seems to have embedded itself into his glasses to the extent he cannot see even his own writing.

Some perceptive editorial monitoring is required, otherwise just post a cautionary notice before each column: “The following opinions may not conform to reasonable standards of logic.”

M. Meagher