LETTER: Piece of Saanich heritage in peril

Neighbours are very upset with the subdivision application for the Rogers’ farm…

  • Aug 8, 2020

LETTER: Make Ribfest a drive-thru event

It seems such a shame that yet another annual event has fallen…

  • Aug 8, 2020

LETTER: Food trucks a challenge for social distancing

Hats off to Langford council for hiring additional bylaw officers to ensure…

  • Aug 8, 2020
Saanich police seek suspect after uncapped needle found on door of local business
Car fire erupts near Rutledge Park in Saanich
Furstenau says Greens no longer limited to Vancouver Island
Furstenau says NDP engineered election to wipe out opponents

LETTERS: It’s 2020, time for livestreaming of council meetings in Langford

With the recent adoption of livestreaming in the Town of View Royal,…

  • Aug 7, 2020

LETTERS: Colwood council ignores public’s wishes

A survey was completed that overwhelmingly resulted in citizens stating that they…

  • Aug 3, 2020

John Arnett tribute appreciated

Reader says former Mirror publisher new the difference between ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’

  • Aug 3, 2020

No silver bullet to defeat COVID-19

Reader says we should take the advice of WHO director-general

  • Aug 3, 2020

LETTERS: Transit needs help from government

I am a senior and really value BC Transit where I live…

  • Aug 3, 2020

LETTERS: West Shore Mountie should have been found at fault in collision

Re: RCMP officer cleared of wrongdoing in serious collision with cyclist in…

  • Aug 2, 2020

LETTERS: Oak Bay should embrace alternative transportation options

As we continue to pussy-foot around the greatest threat to life on…

  • Aug 2, 2020

Increasing use, not cyclists, taking toll on Victoria trails

Re: Letters: Offroad biking trails put natural areas at risk (July 23).…

  • Aug 2, 2020

LETTERS: Development devastating Ten Mile Point’s natural environment

Environmental devastation of Ten Mile Point a sign of the times? It…

  • Aug 1, 2020

LETTER: Silent heroes help to keep us all safe

On July 26, 2019 I fainted while driving by myself along Highway…

  • Aug 1, 2020

LETTER: Saanich Peninsula needs more splash parks

I have sent an open letter to the municipalities on the Saanich…

  • Aug 1, 2020

LETTERS: Victoria mayor fails to listen to majority

I can’t believe what our mayor has done to Victoria. She is…

  • Jul 31, 2020

LETTER: North Saanich should look at virtual library

North Saanich wants to build a library beside the Panorama Leisure Centre.…

  • Jul 27, 2020

LETTERS: Food trucks a problem for lagoon

Re: Human behaviour likely to deter birds from Esquimalt Lagoon, survey suggests.…

  • Jul 27, 2020

LETTER: Reopen Ocean Boulevard to vehicles

As permanent residents of Esquimalt Lagoon area of Colwood, we wish to…

  • Jul 26, 2020

LETTER: Homeless situation getting out of hand

The homeless population in Victoria, and most of B.C. is getting out…

  • Jul 26, 2020

LETTER: Public has right to know location of COVID-19 cases

While ‘Plate hate’ reflects poorly on all of us living on Vancouver…

  • Jul 26, 2020