Traffic problems a two-way street

Traffic problems a two-way street

The issues of traffic on Admiral’s Road southbound from the TCH under construction are well-known. This is a temporary issue during construction.

Mr Blogg,who hasn’t been seen on a bicycle in over 26 years here in my experience as a Portage Road resident, advocates various measures. When he, as an ex-MOTH employee, was standing with the heads of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure at the opening ceremonies of the TCH rebuilding, which most of us support, he could have lobbied for these matters. Nary a word he said on this matter. These issues were raised by local residents during the several open houses by MOTI before construction, as well as by the Gorge Tillicum Community Association, the local community association.

We residents remain hopeful that the as-yet unfinalized design for the Admiral’s Road-Esson Road corner and Esson-Portage Roads connection to the Galloping Goose Trail will ameliorate the issues raised. Right-turn lanes and bicycle lanes share the road commonly in the region. Everyone has to pay attention to all types of traffic.

It will require collaboration between MOTI and Saanich engineering to come up with a workable plan.

We should be hearing about these sooner than later. We should keep pressure on the two agencies responsible to formulate a consultation plan and implementation.

Ed Lyons