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‘Leave your phone alone’: 70 motorists ticketed during Saanich enforcement

September is distracted driving and occupant restraint awareness month in B.C.
A joint enforcement effort saw more than 70 drivers ticketed in Saanich. (Courtesy B.C. Highway Patrol)

Fifty tickets were issued to motorists unable to leave their electronic devices alone while driving in Saanich.

Earlier this month, the Saanich Police Department partnered with B.C. Highway Patrol and ICBC to enforce distracted driving laws.

The enforcement on McKenzie Avenue near Borden Street in Saanich resulted in more than 70 tickets issued to motorists. Of those, 50 were for electronic device violations, eight were for seatbelt violations, 11 were for other violations, and five were notices for vehicle-related defects.

“Driving is a complex, multi-tasking operation that requires the undivided attention of the driver. To that end, we remind road users to please leave your phone alone, keep your eyes forward and drive safely,” said St.-Sgt. Adam Tallboy, acting officer in charge of B.C. Highway Patrol on Vancouver Island, in a statement.

September is distracted driving and occupant restraint awareness month in B.C. Police across the province are focusing their enforcement efforts on these dangerous driving behaviours.

Distracted driving is a factor in nearly 40 per cent of police-reported crash injuries and contributes to 77 deaths in B.C. each year, according to ICBC. Every year on Vancouver Island, 10 people are killed in distracted driving-related crashes.

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