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Saanich finalizes conceptual plans for Pear Street upgrades, speed humps

Saanich staff considered feedback from residents
Saanich staff has developed a concept for the finalized conceptual plans for upgrades to Pear Street after considering input from residents. (Black Press Media file photo)

The Saanich engineering department has announced the finalized conceptual plans for upgrades to Pear Street.

Saanich staff has developed a concept for the work after considering input from residents.

The concept’s elements are traffic speed, tree planting and removal, neighbourhood short-cutting, on-street parking and pedestrian safety.

These include lowering the traffic speed to 30km/h, a raised crossing with a one-way yield point at Ophir Street and the inclusion of four speed humps. The precise spacing of the speed humps is being reviewed. The intent of additional traffic-calming measures and the speed limit reduction is to slow traffic and discourage cut-through traffic.

The project arborist identified 31 trees within the municipal right-of-way on Pear Street. The concept shows four trees that would require removal and 31 new trees that would be planted in the boulevard.

Left-hand turning restrictions will be implemented off Shelbourne Street from Monday to Friday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

The concept shows a reduction of on-street parking on Pear Street from 54 available parking spaces to 34 parking spaces and parking restrictions at the intersection of Shelbourne Street, Cedar Hill Road and Ophir Street. A parking study completed in October 2021 showed the average weekday maximum spaces occupied on Pear Street was 30 spots.

The plans include the installation of separated sidewalks on both sides of the road.

A pedestrian network with shorter crossing distances and more route options was also identified as part of the Shelbourne Valley Action plan. This concept shows a sidewalk on both sides of the street that fits the long-term plans for Pear Street.

The upgrade work is expected to begin in 2024.

Saanich is currently not considering closing the street to vehicular traffic during the work.

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