Longing to travel?

Longing to travel?

Planning a getaway is complicated at the best of times. Add in a global pandemic with border closures, safety protocols and changing services, and going on vacation can feel like a lot of work. Not to mention that there will be a shortage of travel options in 2021 due to limited space.

Which hotels are open? What happens if your flight gets cancelled? Which cruise line has the cleaning procedures that match your health expectations? What car rental company has the best price? What do you do with a future cruise credit?

There’s never been a better time to call in an expert.

“We are seeing new clients everyday due to poor online travel experiences this past few months,” says Janice Strand of Expedia Cruises West Shore. “Those coming to us have learned the true value of using a local Travel Agent during this global pandemic.”

There will be a shortage of options to choose from

“All four centres are open and ready to help,” says Jeremy McLeod from Expedia Cruises on Yates St.

There will be less ships on the seas in 2021 and less passengers on those ships so there will be a shortage of options for travellers in 2021 and 2022. Jeremy McLeod suggests that people take a ‘book now and decide later’ approach to their upcoming travel plans to avoid disappointment.

Have a future cruise credit from a cancellation earlier this year? TD Points? They can walk you through the fine print and help you redeem.

Overseas or close to home

You may be organizing an overseas getaway for a year away or pulling together a last-minute getaway to Port Renfrew or Parksville. Either way, Expedia Cruises can help.

Don’t let the name fool you — they handle airlines, accommodations, long stays, resorts and yes, cruises. And with four offices there’s a knowledgable expert in your neighbourhood!

“Nothing is consistent these days,” says Janet Maxwell from Expedia Cruises, Mt Doug. “Airlines, hotels, everyone is constantly changing how they operate. We’re keeping up with it all so you don’t have to. We can let you know what to expect.”

If you’re longing to travel and want to know what’s possible, give Expedia Cruises a call. They can let you know what’s expected of you when you travel and when you land. They can give you the details on cancellation policies and travel insurance.

Even if you’re not leaving the island, your local team can help you find unique experiences and great deals.

“Tofino, Port Renfrew, Parksville… there are lots of fabulous options close to home and we can connect you with activities as well as one-of-a-kind accommodations,” says Elaine Kirwin from Expedia Cruises in Sidney.

Ready to plan your next adventure by air, land, or sea? Visit expediacruises.ca, or stop by your local office today!

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Ready to travel? Expedia Cruises has four locations to help you with everything from airlines and accommodations to long stays, resorts and cruises.

Ready to travel? Expedia Cruises has four locations to help you with everything from airlines and accommodations to long stays, resorts and cruises.