NightBuddy Reviews: Effective Rechargeable Night Buddy LED Headlamp Light?

We all need to see clearly, when darkness comes. Whether you are an outdoor lover or want to fix something in the dark, you need good lighting to cover the full landscape.

NightBuddy is a headlamp that keeps you safe and improves your night vision. You can have fun and enjoy whatever you are up to in the dark.

The following NightBuddy review will reveal the features of the Headlamp, the benefits, pros, cons, and pricing.

What is NightBuddy?

NightBuddy is a headband lamp designed to provide night vision wherever you are. It is suitable whether working, exercising, camping, or repairing.

NightBuddy is created with a zero-bounce design with 230 degrees of ultra-wide illumination and adjustable straps. It is made using high-quality material to last longer. It is easy to use NightBuddy, and you can instantly turn it with a wave and get a powerful beam of light.

The Headlamp is eye-friendly. It does not release ultraviolet radiation that may harm the eyes. The lamp has unique and safe features, including red lights, which are clinically tested and proven for peripheral vision and safety.

NightBuddy has a rechargeable battery that enables you to work efficiently without cables or a power supply. The battery can last up to 3 hours on the brightest mode and 8 hours on the lowest mode.

The manufacturer offers a risk-free guarantee and free and fast shipping for customers in the United States.

Features of NightBuddy

NightBuddy has a wide range of features that enhance optimal performance. Its features are unique and easy to use compared to other brands.

Adjustable headband: NightBuddy lamp fits perfectly on your head, whether big or small, and even on a helmet. It comes with an adjustable headband that lets you tighten it and stay held on the head whether you are running or walking.

Rechargeable battery: the Headlamp has 350 lumens from a rechargeable battery which lets you see uninterrupted without a charger or power supply. The battery can last up to 3 hours on the brightest mode and 8 hours on the lowest mode. The Headlamp is compatible with the USB type C charger, so you can use it to recharge.

Wave sensor: NightBuddy has a wave sensor feature that turns the lamp on and off with a wave. You can switch it on even if your hands are occupied.

Powerful side beam and five lighting modes: NightBuddy gives a powerful light coverage powered by XPE LED. It can cover up to a distance of 100m. The Headlamp has five lighting modes, including a flashlight and four brightness modes.

Zero bounce design: NightBuddy has a unique zero bounce back design suitable for distance viewing. It does not knock into things, stick out, bump, or send a cone of light into the distance.

Lightweight: NightBuddy is super light, making it easier to carry around and wear around your head. It has a sleek design.

Red light mode: the new red light mode does the following:

Lower glare: white light is painful to the eyes when you are directly exposed to the light. The red light mode reduces glare, especially when camping or doing activities in the company of other people.

Improve peripheral vision: red lights have been clinically tested and provide filtered light wavelength, thus enhancing peripheral vision.

Protect wildlife: red light mode is better for the environment and wildlife.

Keep bugs away: red lights are invisible to most insects, reducing stings, bites, itchiness, and rotation.

Eye-friendly: NightBuddy is easy on the eyes; it does not release ultraviolet or infrared radiation. It protects the eyes even when you look directly into the light.

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Benefits of NightBuddy

  • NightBuddy ensures safety by enabling you to see whether you are walking, running, cycling, or camping.
  • The Headlamp provides a superlight that is very bright. It gives 230 degrees of illumination and a powerful beam of light.
  • You can use NightBuddy to make repairs such as unexpected car breakdowns or flat tyre
  • NightBuddy enables you to be seen when you are waiting for help at night
  • The powerful rechargeable battery enables you to get the job done without shutting down
  • You can use NightBuddy for various night activities like hiking, night cycling, running, fishing, camping, etc.
  • The Headlamp is an insect repellant. It protects you from bugs and other harmful animals
  • The powerful light lets others see you when you are out in the dark


How to Use NightBuddy

Anyone can use NightBuddy. It has an adjustable headband that fits perfectly on helmets, caps, and the head, whether big or small. The Headlamp comes with a manual with instructions on how to use it. The instructions explain how to attach, wear, and switch settings (5 lighting modes)


  • The NightBuddy charges superfast
  • A satisfaction guarantee covers the Headlamp
  • The red light feature is clinically proven to improve peripheral vision
  • The manufacturer offers fast and free shipping for US orders


  • NightBuddy is only available online on the official website

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

You can order NightBuddy on the official website at discounted prices.

Get one NightBuddy Headlamp at $34.95 with + free US shipping

  • Get three NightBuddy Headlamps at $94.36 + free US shipping
  • Get five NightBuddy Headlamps at $139.80 + free US shipping
  • Get ten NightBuddy Headlamps at $244.65 + free US shipping

You can secure payments through Visa, American Express, Apple Pay, Discover, PayPal, MasterCard, or Google Pay.

If you are in the US, you will receive your package in 2-5 business days. For Australia and Canada, it might take 10-20 business days.


NightBuddy, 230 degrees headlamp, is ideal for night vision. It allows you to explore, walk your dog, run, cycle, camp, hike, or do hassle-free repairs at night. The Headlamp provides bright light in the whole area, not just one spot.

The Headlamp can last long without cables and a power supply. It rests perfectly on your head, and you can adjust it to get the perfect fit. Its sleek and lightweight design enables you to carry the Headlamp wherever you go.

NightBuddy can be used for unexpected breakdowns and repairs. It simply shines light from your head to whatever you need to see. The Headlamp has five lighting settings that allow you to use it in different modes. It is eye-friendly and protects wildlife.

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