Orbi Flying Ball Toy Reviews – Is It Legit or Fake Hype?

The Orbi Ball is the answer you have been waiting for to help you deal with restless youngsters and boring family nights. Its website describes it as a high-class spinner that will come rushing back to you like a boomerang after climbing, gliding, and flying through the air.

It features built-in brilliant multi-colored LED lights illuminating any space around you, including your garden. Simply put, The Orbi Ball is exactly what you need to provide your family with simple but spectacular entertainment that’s fit for people of all ages.

The Orbi Ball has helped herald the entry of boomerang balls, which until recently were unheard of. Most of these balls feature an enclosed orb form that allows them to glide easily, making for an easily addictive but entertaining experience.

What Is the Orbi Ball?

Its design team has described it as a ball that can easily climb, spin, float, or fly through the air. Once thrown, you can expect it to come flying back into your hands in the same way a boomerang would when thrown.

Since its release, its popularity across the U.S. has ballooned, with many parents choosing it as their go-to device for keeping their kids occupied. Its built-in features make it look even more appealing as it flies across your backyard or living room, displaying all types of acrobatic tricks.

The reviews we have encountered online all indicate that this is a fun and entertaining device for people of all ages. We have seen some parents mention how it has helped foster renewed intimacy between them and their young ones after years of falling apart.

Others have come to love it as it helps them to bolster their hand-eye coordination. The Orbi Ball has a brilliantly developed motor mechanism that enables it to pull off all types of excellent aerobatic skills.

Unlike similar gadgets in the market, The Orbi Ball doesn’t come with a steep learning curve, allowing youngsters to learn how to throw it around in a matter of minutes. Moreover, this ball can fly anywhere, making it a fantastic present for those who love toys.

When you purchase The Orbi Ball, you’ll find the following in its packaging:

  • The Orbi Ball
  • Adapter Cable
  • Iron Dome
  • Instruction Manual

Unique Features of The Orbi Ball

For every new toy that comes into the market, parents will want to know its unique features to decide whether it’s worth buying. In the case of The Orbi Ball, this is what we learned when penning this review for you:

Simple to Play With: Customers who have purchased and reviewed it all praise its simplicity. All the user has to do is turn it on, ensure it’s upright, shake it, and leave it to take care of the rest. A simple throw into the air will reveal just how simple it is to have it perform some simple tricks.

It Has Convenient USB Charging: No one wants to invest in a toy that will prove problematic to charge once it has run out of battery power. With the Orbi Ball, the designers have significantly enhanced its usability by supplying it with a Micro USB cord capable of charging it in 25 minutes or less.

Durable: Durability is another factor we consider when reviewing toys, especially those used by youngsters. In the case of The Orbi Ball, you’ll be happy to note that it has sturdy construction designed to protect it against drops, falls, bumps, and any other form of impact it may encounter during free gameplay.

Small and Compact: The Orbi Ball is small and compact, allowing it to fit into your hands quickly and ensuring that it can be used anywhere. It’s the kind of toy that you can throw around regardless of whether you’re at work, in a park, or at home relaxing with your kids. Additionally, it doesn’t need a lot of space for it to entertain you.


How to Play with The Orbi Ball

As mentioned in this review, The Orbi Ball is straightforward to play with, thanks to its modern design. You must follow the three steps below to engage in a relaxing and interactive gameplay session with your friends, colleagues, or kids.

Turn it on

Gently shake it before pitching – this allows it to take off immediately

Wait for the vibrantly colored flying boomerang ball to come flying back to you

Pricing and Where to Buy

The Orbi Ball is only available for sale on its official website and retails at the following rates:

  • Buy one Orbi Ball for $49.99
  • Buy two Orbi Balls for $99.98
  • Buy three Orbi Balls for $114.98
  • Buy four Orbi Balls for $139.96

A 30-day money-back guarantee helps protect your purchase. You can contact customer service at support@keilini.com if you have any questions about the return policy or anything else.

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