ProDentim Reviews – Surprising Results for Customers or Fake Hype? (Update)

Don’t you feel anxious about watching your gums degrade over time? Do you want to know the reasons for it? In a recent study, the oral microbiome has been found as the main reason behind it. It is nothing but the collection of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that are considered a “mini-immune system of the mouth.”

These organisms are considered good for preventing and healing diseases like the oral cavity. When this environment gets affected, it disrupts oral health.

Your overall oral and dental health plays a key role in determining the quality of your life. From eating to smiling, teeth are necessary everywhere, and that’s why you should pay more attention to your dental health. Optimized oral health appears to be a blessing because it helps you chew foods properly, and your smile becomes more beautiful.

At the same time, you don’t become embarrassed socially due to bad breath issues. However, taking good care of your oral health isn’t effortless, and you need to stabilize your overall oral microbiome to make that happen seamlessly.

New brands are bringing out several supplements and new products that purportedly promote dental health and support oral health, but the majority of these supplements are gimmicky ones, and they don’t live up to the claims their manufacturers make. As you consume a dental health supplement that is backed by scientific research, you’re indirectly causing deterioration in your oral and dental health.

The only way to retain a healthy oral microbiome is to increase the number of healthy bacteria inside your mouth, and you should purchase an internet favorite supplement that makes it happen. When it comes to gum disease prevention, ProDentim is among the most-loved oral hygiene maintenance supplements available on the market.

According to hundreds of ProDentim reviews, this supplement is a perfect choice for optimizing your oral hygiene. By balancing the ratio of bad bacteria and healthy bacteria in your mouth, ProDentim takes complete care of your oral hygiene. The ingredients of ProDentim purportedly support healthy inflammation, too, making the dietary supplement the best oral health supplement out there.

ProDentim’s supremacy is widely established all over the world. Some interested buyers may seek additional information pieces related to the ProDentim formula and its benefits. The question must have appeared in your mind why ProDentim should be considered superior to other oral health supplements sold on the market.

Here in this article, we will take a wider look at ProDentim for putting these things in a better way. We will evaluate how good ProDentim is as an effective oral health supplement so that our readers don’t find themselves confined to limited pieces of information about the product.

What is ProDentim?

Dosage 1 tablet daily
Key Ingredients Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Reuteri, B.lactis BL-04, Inulin, Malic acid, Dicalcium Phosphate, Peppermint
Side Effects Users didn’t report serious and threatening side effects to date.
  • Doesn’t include a single trace of gluten.
  • It’s completely soy-free as well.
  • No harmful stimulants were added to the formula.
  • A non-habit-forming supplement that is not addictive either.
  • Only non-GMO ingredients are mixed into the formula.
  • Made of 100% vegan ingredients sourced from natural sources.
  • Clinically tested ingredients are blended into the product only.
  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered and GMP-Certified facility
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Key Benefits
  • The best product for retaining healthy teeth and gums.
  • It holds the capability of improving your immune health.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties are offered by the product to reduce inflammation.
  • Rules out the key reasons behind bad breath problems and helps keep your breath fresh.
  • Helps keep your mouth in a healthy condition without much effort.
  • Prevents tooth discoloration and helps restore the natural color of your teeth.
  • Supports the functions of your respiratory system and cleans up the clogs and blockages in your respiratory system.
  • Promotes better digestive abilities by stabilizing the microbiome in your gut.
  • Guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee.
    Price Starts from $69.

    ProDentim refers to an advanced oral probiotic that helps in promoting healthy teeth and gums along with fresher breath for a long time. Apart from that, it is also intended to improve functions of the nose, ear, throat, and immune system rather than just improving oral health.

    The ProDentim formula is manufactured exclusively in the US, and it purports to optimize your tooth health on priority. The oral health supplement focuses on bettering the conditions of your teeth and gums naturally by multiplying beneficial bacteria inside your mouth.

    According to the ProDentim reviews received from existing customers, regular consumption of the dietary supplement helps keep different types of gum diseases away smartly. Also, ProDentim earned special recognition as an all-natural supplement that is completely free from additives, fillers, and harmful chemical substrates.

    ProDentim’s official website mentions the beneficial probiotic strains included in the dietary supplement to help every user retain good oral health and stronger teeth and gums. It leaves other probiotic supplements way behind in the competition when it comes to offering sustainable results.

    The natural supplement promises every user to help achieve a healthy mouth, and the natural and side-effect-free properties of the supplement live up to the claim. Being manufactured in FDA-approved research labs, ProDentim complies with the guidelines specified by GMP and GRAS.

    Those who are extremely annoyed due to gum inflammation problems and chronic dental pains can use this natural supplement to restore healthy teeth. From the first day of consumption, ProDentim starts balancing your oral flora to evoke the possibility of oral infections, and you achieve an overall healthy mouth eventually.

    In simple words, the ProDentim supplement is the best shortcut to achieving optimal teeth health.

    How Does ProDentim work?

    ProDentim is a formula of probiotics that have been prepared to maintain oral health as the main interest. The manufacturers find out that the good bacteria that reside inside our mouth can get lessened by using various dental products, mainly those with toxic ingredients.

    For maintaining healthy teeth and gums, there must be an adequate amount of good bacteria in the mouth, and this is the reason why ProDentim comes as a savior. It is scientifically vetted to have five potent strains that help in creating the environment.

    Probiotics are also termed microbes that preserve a precise balance between both good and bad bacteria in the microbiome of the gut. In the same context, oral probiotics are strains of bacteria that already exist in the oral microbiome, and this, too, can face imbalance. ProDentim offers good bacteria of 3.5 CFUs into each dissolvable tablet as a main prebiotic.

    What is ProDentim made up of?

    The following ingredients are present in each tablet:


    Inulin Powder (100 mg)

    It is one of the important ingredients of ProDentim, which is extracted from chicory root. Generally, this ingredient helps to increase the bulk of stools, thereby raising the recurrence of bowel movements and digestion.

    It acts as a prebiotic for increasing the number of good bacteria. Good bacteria combat harmful bacteria, and to ensure optimal strength, the good bacteria need refueling. Hence prebiotics are needed. A study shows that mouth-rinsing liquids contain Inulin that can decrease oral malodor by increasing the spurt of acidogenic bacteria, thereby eliminating the malodor components.

    Another important fact about Inulin is that it can help you lose weight significantly. Inulin comes with natural appetite-suppressing abilities, and it triggers a sense of satiety and fullness in your stomach so that you can consume more calories than your body needs. Substantial doses of Inulin are commonly found in most weight-loss products.

    Some weight loss experts also believe that Inulin can better your digestive health naturally while maximizing the nutrient absorption rate in your gut. Inulin also reportedly supports the growth of good bacteria in your mouth to keep your oral flora balanced so that you don’t suffer much due to gum inflammation issues and similar problems.

    Lactobacillus Reuteri

    It is a well-known strain of probiotics that is useful for its antimicrobial molecules and anti-inflammatory properties. As per research, it was found that after having lozenges filled with Lactobacillus Reuteri, Porphyromonas gingivalis present in saliva, supragingival plaque and subgingival were reduced to a great extent, but stopping this probiotic can make the oral concerns to reoccur.

    This is one of the trusted probiotic strains that impact your gum health positively and defends against different types of gum diseases. It is blended into the dietary supplement in adequate doses to help users minimize the severity of their gum diseases naturally. At the same time, it optimizes your overall gum health effectively too.

    Lactobacillus Reuteri also strongly participates in delaying tooth decay, and the natural immunity-boosting properties of the bacterial strain empower a stronger immune system. Regularly consuming this probiotic strain can also help you fix an oral cavity easily while achieving a healthy mouth.

    Lactobacillus Paracasei

    This ingredient is useful in reducing MS (mutans streptococci). It is a strain of gram-positive probiotics that boosts immune function, supports digestion, and reduces inflammation. It has been demonstrated to bring down salivary MS effectively in some volunteers over a period of 4 weeks. Even the strain was also found up to 4 weeks following the halting of the dosage.

    This oral probiotic strain actively participates in minimizing tooth sensitivity and tooth decay simultaneously. According to numerous studies, the powerful probiotic properties of this strain can help multiply the number of good bacteria in your mouth so that your mouth microbiome becomes optimized and balanced.

    Every ProDentim oral probiotic candy comprises strong doses of this beneficial probiotic strain, and it is considered one of the most important ProDentim ingredients. Dentists believe that this natural ingredient can free up one’s dental sinuses to reduce the person’s tooth sensitivity.

    Alongside, the ingredient has positive effects on one’s overall gut functions too. The probiotic strain also effectively enhances the condition of your skin to some extent. It doesn’t let your skin dry easily by elevating the water retention rate of your skin naturally. Your gut health becomes much better with the help of this special probiotic bacteria too.

    BL -04 Bifidobacterium Lactis

    It is also an anaerobic, gram-positive strain that was researched initially for allergies and immunity. It is also associated with improved respiratory health, improved resistance to stomach acid, and limited spread of inflammation or infection. Apart from that, as per another study, this ingredient is also beneficial for ear, nose, mouth, and throat-related issues as well.

    Scientific research has revealed that this probiotic strain can clean up your respiratory tract to ensure better respiratory health. It not only keeps your respiratory tract clean but also prevents certain respiratory infections, besides promoting oral health.

    When it comes to defending against oral diseases, B.Lactis BL-04 is possibly the best probiotic strain for that. On top of that, the natural probiotic strain supercharges the function of your immune system smartly so that your body can combat frequent infections and diseases more maturely.

    If you’re prone to suffer a lot due to allergies, this probiotic strain can improve your body’s reactions to allergens. Some clinical reports also suggest that the strain is helpful in minimizing the negative effects of certain antibiotics.


    Peppermint is another important name in the list of ProDentim ingredients, as it helps minimize bad breath issues effectively while enhancing the power of your digestive system naturally. Peppermint has no evident impacts on one’s oral and dental health, but the ingredient is the best option for preventing bad breath problems.

    The natural anti-inflammatory properties of Peppermint are also unmatchable, and the ingredient helps minimize oral inflammations to some extent.

    Malic Acid

    Malic acid is also an important element of ProDentim that is necessary for optimized dental and oral health. Besides ensuring optimal oral health, Malic acid also prevents tooth decay and tooth discoloration. To be specific, preventing tooth discoloration and helping you retain the natural color of your teeth is the primary purpose of Malic acid. The manufacturers considered adding this special substance to the formula mainly for this reason.

    Tricalcium Phosphate

    Tricalcium Phosphate is a strong element that can support oral health much more intensely than other compounds. This compound doesn’t get involved in balancing good bacteria and bad bacteria in your mouth, but it aims to support oral health by strengthening your teeth.

    We all know that Calcium is the main element that teeth are formed of. Consisting of effective doses of Calcium, the component revamps your dental health completely and minimizes the effect of existing gum disease.

    These are the handpicked and science-backed ingredients blended into the dental health support formula, ProDentim. All these ingredients purport to enhance your overall oral and dental health within quick spans, and that’s what makes the supplement more effective.

    The Health Benefits Offered By ProDentim

    ProDentim is definitely one of the most effective probiotic supplements consisting of some of the best probiotic strains. You have already checked out the top-class ingredients included in the formula behind ProDentim. Now, let’s check out the health benefits offered by the supplement.

    • Firstly, the supplement maximizes the presence of beneficial bacteria in your mouth so that your oral hygiene gets optimized automatically. After reading the previous segments, you must have understood that a balanced mouth microbiome is a key to optimal oral and dental health. The beneficial probiotic strains present in ProDentim make your teeth and gums stronger.
    • According to the official website, the outstanding probiotic strains of ProDentim help fix an oral cavity easily while delaying tooth decay. Premature tooth decay is a common problem among people, and preventing such a condition is not effortless at all. The probiotic bacteria present in ProDentim make that happen easily.
    • The oral probiotic properties of ProDentim effectively target the root causes behind bad breath issues. Those who are suffering from bad breath issues know how embarrassing the condition is. Regular consumption of ProDentim can help you fix the issue completely. The advanced oral probiotics present in the supplement work collectively with Peppermint to eliminate bad breath issues completely.
    • Besides strengthening teeth, the natural ingredients of ProDentim also strengthen your gums so that you don’t suffer due to gum diseases either. ProDentim comes with powerful anti-inflammatory effects that help prevent gum inflammation to some extent. If you’re already suffering due to inflamed gums, the supplement can help minimize the effects actively.
    • ProDentim helps maintain tooth whiteness sustainably, and it prevents tooth discoloration as well. Malic acid is present in ProDentim in substantial doses, and this is one of the finest natural ingredients to get rid of the effects of tooth discoloration. As you take ProDentim capsules daily, the yellowish tinge on your teeth will disappear automatically. A bonus product, ‘Hollywood White Teeth,’ is also provided by the manufacturers with the ProDentim supplement for free, and that also helps whiten your teeth naturally.
    • The natural ingredients present in ProDentim manage to support the functions of your respiratory tract too. Often people suffer due to unwanted clogs in their respiratory tracts. Such problems can be minimized with regular consumption of ProDentim as well. Alongside, the supplement purportedly supports normal breathing functions, and it strengthens the tissues of your respiratory system effectively.
    • ProDentim and better digestion are synonymous. Besides empowering better oral hygiene, the supplement also balances your gut microbiome too. Eventually, that leads to better digestive functions. Once you start consuming ProDentim, you won’t suffer from chronic digestive disorders anymore.
    • Apart from empowering strong gum health, the supplement also boosts the power of your immune system, according to the official website.

    As you see, ProDentim’s functions are not limited to strengthening teeth and gums. Besides promoting better gum health, the supplement also benefits your overall health to make sure that you get rid of infections and other minor problems easily. Very few probiotic supplements are capable of doing so.

    Why Is ProDentim Considered Better Than Other Dental Supplements?

    There are some strong reasons behind calling ProDentim the best dental supplement out there. Let’s check them out.

    • First, ProDentim is manufactured in FDA-approved research labs, and top-grade technology is associated with the manufacturing process of the product. The manufacturers didn’t compromise anything while producing the supplement.
    • ProDentim is a reputed global brand, and the brand has managed to create a special recognition in the world of supplements. Users will definitely prefer going for ProDentim over other newly-launched supplements because of ProDentim’s brand authenticity and brand value.
    • A dedicated medical advisory board consisting of some professional dentists and scientists is there behind ProDentim. That adds more worth to ProDentim, for sure.
    • ProDentim is not a mere dental supplement for dental health enhancement. It benefits the overall health of every user, and that’s why it’s better than many other supplements out there. ProDentim is even better than certain gut health supplements too.
    • The bonus products that come with ProDentim are remarkable. In Particular, ‘Hollywood White Teeth’ is immensely popular among users.
    • The availability of the refund policy makes the supplement a convenient choice to purchase. As the brand backs the product with a money-back guarantee, most confused users won’t hesitate to purchase the supplement.

    Bonus Products That Come With ProDentim

    Apart from several benefits, you can have two bonus reports with every purchase of ProDentim. Following are the two onus reports that are depicted here:

    Bad Breath Gone

    The first bonus report can give a kickstart to include Prodentim in your regimen. It consists of seven spice and herb mixes for providing a naturally refreshing and improved breath.

    Hollywood White Teeth At Home

    The second bonus report shows a simple method of “Bright Teeth” that takes around 10 seconds that can naturally whiten teeth. This is yet to be revealed, but you can discover one little trick of brushing that is very popular among celebrities and more.

    ProDentim Side Effects

    You already know that the ProDentim ingredients are third-party-lab-tested, and they don’t contain any harmful substances that can affect your overall health negatively. So, the matter of side effects doesn’t even arise in the case of the ProDentim supplement.

    However, adhering to the dosage recommendations given by the manufacturers is very important because having too many ProDentim capsules within a day can upset your gut while making you face dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and other minor side effects. If you don’t want to deal with these effects, you better contact your primary healthcare provider before consuming the product.

    ProDentim Pricing and Refund

    Affordability is the best part of ProDentim, indeed. Consuming ProDentim capsules regularly doesn’t require you to cut off your other expenses at all. The manufacturers sell the supplement at a pocket-friendly price.

    • One bottle of ProDentim comes at $69.
    • Three bottles of ProDentim come at $177.
    • Six bottles of ProDentim come at $294.

    Two free bonuses are available with the 3-bottle and 6-bottle packs, and you will come to know about the bonuses in the latter part of this review. Excitingly, ProDentim comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee coverage, and all the aforementioned purchase options are covered under the guarantee period.

    If you feel unsatisfied with the supplement at any point of time within the guarantee period after purchasing it, contact the customer support team of ProDentim immediately to process a refund. The customer support team of ProDentim is very supportive and cordial, and they will guide you through the refund process carefully so that you get your money back as soon as possible after returning your purchase.

    What Do Customers Think About The ProDentim Supplement?

    ProDentim is one of the most popular dental hygiene supplements sold on the market, and it already has a massive user base spread across the world. Due to the impeccable oral and dental support benefits offered by ProDentim, the supplement is loved and supported immensely by its users.

    According to most ProDentim users, the proprietary probiotics blend behind ProDentim is the key to its success, and the blend is backed by proper scientific evidence. Plenty of customers shared in their reviews that they managed to get rid of oral infections, bad breath issues, and several other dental issues within quick spans after using ProDentim.

    The makers of ProDentim uploaded the most overwhelming customer reviews on the official website, so interested buyers can check them out and make their final calls on purchasing the supplement.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Following are some important questions that are asked frequently to get a clearer overview of ProDentim:

    Is ProDentim safe to use?

    ProDentim is considered safe to take since it consists of some popular and well-studied ingredients that have been identified as pure (tested against contaminants and toxins). Each supplement is produced in a strict, sterile, and accurate standards facility that is approved by FDA. The manufacturers also claim that ProDentim is formulated for all ages and medical conditions.

    How to know if ProDentim is helping?

    As per the manufacturers, the absence of good bacteria is the root cause of gum disease. If people feel and see that their gums and teeth need to be rebuilt, then ProDentim can be considered for better results.

    What are the side effects of ProDentim?

    As far as the studies are concerned, ProDentim does not have any usual side effects, so there are few risks. We motivate everyone to analyze the entire list of ingredients and supplement labeling before purchasing one.

    How Long Do ProDentim Pills Take To Show Effects?

    The manufacturers of the supplement claim that taking the supplement will improvise your overall oral health within a few weeks after you start taking it. If your dental problems are not too intense, your overall oral health may not take too long to get better. You can expect to witness evident results within three to four weeks after starting the consumption of the product.

    How To Return My Purchase If I am Not Satisfied With the Product?

    The ProDentim supplement is meant to keep your mouth healthy, but it may not deliver the same results in all cases. There are chances that you may not get effective results even after using regular doses of ProDentim. That can happen if your dental issues are critical.

    In that case, you should get in touch with the customer support team of ProDentim to process a refund within the money-back guarantee period. Once the money-back guarantee period is over, nothing can be done anymore.

    Does Probiotic Bacteria Impact My Internal Organs?

    As long as the probiotic strains contained in ProDentim are concerned, these are healthy strains of probiotic bacteria, and they are likely to affect your mouth microbiome and gut microbiome only. None of the other internal organs is likely to be affected negatively by these bacterial strains.

    Are The Natural Ingredients Of ProDentim GRAS-Compliant?

    Yes, all the natural ingredients included in ProDentim comply with the GRAS guidelines, and they’re considered safe for consumption. That’s why these ingredients are capable of offering so many oral health benefits.

    Is ProDentim Cheaper Than Other Nutritional Supplements?

    If you’re talking about nutritional supplements that help maintain good oral health, then the ProDentim supplement is definitely more affordable than many of them.

    What Are The Possible Benefits Of Consuming Oral Probiotics?

    Though the primary focus of oral probiotics is to ensure better dental hygiene, they also purport to impact your overall health positively. Some oral probiotics are extremely beneficial for your digestive health also.

    Can ProDentim Cure Serious Dental Problems?

    ProDentim manufacturers never claimed that the supplement could cure serious dental problems or something like that. ProDentim is just a supplement, and it contains advanced oral probiotics to support oral health. If you’re undergoing critical dental ailments, immediately seek medical consultation to find a cure for your problem.

    How Should I Use ProDentim?

    According to the manufacturers, one ProDentim candy daily is the standard dosage for an average user. If you think that one ProDentim candy isn’t delivering the results you expected, consult with your doctor to determine the most suitable dosage for yourself.

    Final Suggestion


    Poor oral health not only impacts oral health negatively but the entire health of an individual by increasing the risk of diseases. From the above discussion, it becomes clear that ProDentim is a safe formula that is focused on probiotics and helps in populating the good bacteria in the oral microbiome. However, we do not guarantee that it is indeed a cure, but it can help in enhancing wellness.

    After going through this entire ProDentim review, you supposedly have no doubts about the efficacy of the advanced oral health supplement in terms of optimizing your teeth health. We have tried to compile all the possible information pieces about the ProDentim supplement in this ProDentim review. All kinds of oral health issues can be addressed with the help of the probiotic supplement, and it manages to strengthen the functions of your immune system too.

    Additionally, the probiotic supplement delays tooth decay, which is the primary purpose of many. So, what more do you want from a dental health supplement? If you’re still doubtful about whether the ProDentim pills will work for you or not, you’re free to visit the official website of the supplement to check the ProDentim reviews uploaded by existing customers.

    Millions of users worldwide are consuming ProDentim pills to prevent oral infections and other oral health issues in general, and most of them are highly satisfied with the results offered by the phenomenal supplement. So, if you want to order the supplement to support tooth health, visit the official website right now!

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