Shop Pets West online at and in-store at #220 - 777 Royal Oak Dr. (Broadmead Village) for healthy pet food, including raw food and toppers.

Shop Pets West online at and in-store at #220 - 777 Royal Oak Dr. (Broadmead Village) for healthy pet food, including raw food and toppers.

Raw pet food, how does it measure up?

Victoria’s favourite local pet store, Pets West, has seen an increase in the popularity of raw food for pets and suggests that it is something all pet parents should consider.

With so many feeding options on the market today, choosing the right pet food can seem like a daunting task. Raw diets have been gaining popularity and many pet parents are wondering how raw foods measure up against their traditional kibble choice. When it comes to feeding a raw diet, there are a few things convincing pet parents to make the switch. Let’s take a deeper look.

Whole real food always wins

When considering our own health and wellness, we recognize the benefits of a more natural, less processed and whole food-based diet. Pet parents are realizing that these same principles apply to their four-legged companions. Many highly processed traditional diets contain excessive carbohydrates, sugars and fillers. Although our dogs and cats no longer hunt for their dinner, like us, they are not built to digest these foods. Recognizing this, many pet parents are opting for raw whole food diets that provide natural nutrition. Looking to dip your paw without making a full switch? Studies suggest that substituting even 10 per cent of dogs and cats’ traditional meals with fresh food results in meaningful improvements in key indicators of health. For this reason, many pet owners are choosing to include raw and lightly cooked foods in their pets’ bowls as “toppers” alongside traditional pet food.

Benefits of feeding raw

Once the decision has been made to try a raw diet, many pet parents are surprised at the noticeable differences in their dogs and cats even within the first week. Some of the early benefits include increased energy and stamina; healthier skin and coat; smaller, less frequent and more consistent stools; and improved body odor, including fresher breath. And the health improvements don’t just stop there – over time, you’ll notice cleaner teeth, improvements in some allergy symptoms and better weight control.

The cost of health

Contrary to what you may think, feeding raw isn’t necessarily an expensive option. In fact, feeding your cat a raw food diet is less expensive on a per ounce basis than feeding traditional canned cat food. When it comes to larger dogs, there are many different brands and protein options to help manage costs. In fact, by rotating brands and proteins, you’re further supporting your pet’s health by providing them with as much variety as possible. Further, many pet parents report reduced spending at the vet after switching their furry companions to a raw or lightly cooked diet.

Pets West recommends considering the wholesome nutrition of a raw food diet. Shop Pets West online at and in-store at #220 – 777 Royal Oak Dr. (Broadmead Village). Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for cute pet pictures and great product ideas.

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