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Stress-free camping: Ready-made meal solutions from M&M Food Market

Skip the prep work and make the most of your camping trips this summer
From left to right: Frankfurters, pull-apart potato buns, shrimp skewers, BBQ-ready ribs. Photo courtesy of M&M Food Market.

With summer break on the horizon, camping season is officially here! A chance to reconnect with family, friends and the great outdoors, camping should be an enjoyable and relatively stress-free experience.

Daryl Turner, store owner at M&M Food Market in Royal Oak, shares some tips and tricks for elevating your camping experience with camping-friendly, ready-made meals from M&M Food Market.

“The first night of camping can be quite the challenge,” Turner says. “After a long drive and setting up camp, you need something quick, easy and satisfying.”

He suggests starting your camping adventure with an easy pasta bake that can be prepared on the barbecue or with one of M&M’s barbecue-ready ribs, available in seven delicious flavours. These dishes not only pack a punch of flavour but are also incredibly convenient, requiring minimal effort to prepare.

Lemon herb chicken pasta, gourmet beef burgers, chicken breast grills. Photo courtesy of M&M Food Market.

Turner also suggests packing some easy one-pan meal solutions that can be prepared in a single skillet, making for easy clean-up. “There’s something inherently satisfying about cooking a complete meal in a single pan while surrounded by nature,” Turner says. “Our jambalaya or lemon herb chicken and pasta kits are both perfect family-friendly meals that can be whipped up quickly and easily at the end of a busy day.”

Camping wouldn’t be complete without indulging in some timeless classics. “Family memories are made while camping, and some favourites like classic frankfurters, burgers and s’mores are a camping must-have!”

M&M’s classic frankfurters, beef burgers, or gourmet chicken burgers are the perfect way to create new memories with your little campers this summer. Create new traditions by bringing along some easy thaw-and-serve dessert items to keep things fresh on longer camping trips.

“Multi-meal solutions are another great way to maximize space in your coolers,” adds Turner. “Steak, sausages, skewers and bakery items like our pull-apart potato buns can work for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Steak, in particular, also makes a great late-night snack that can be cooked over the fire.”

Simplify your camping trips this summer with ready-made, restaurant-quality meal solutions that require no extra prep work. Visit M&M Food Market in Royal Oak at 4442 W Saanich Rd. #107 or at their Shelbourne location – 3637 Shelbourne St. Find them online at and follow on Facebook.

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