Don’t leave cars, homes unlocked at night: Saanich PD

Saanich Police continue to deal with break-and-enter and thefts from vehicles due to unlocked cars, doors and windows

  • Mar. 26, 2015 3:00 p.m.

Saanich Police are once again reminding Saanich residents to ensure their residences and vehicles are secured at all times.

Overall numbers for property crimes don’t appear to be increasing, but there have been several break-and-enter incidents over the past two weeks, said Sgt. Steve Eassie.

On March 14, someone entered a home in the 900-block of Mcbriar Ave., likely around 2 a.m. while the residents were home. Thankfully, no property seemed to be missing, Eassie said.

On March 20, an attempted break-and-enter took place in the 1800-block of Townley St., also in the early morning hours. Someone had removed a exterior window screen and had attempted to force open a partially open window, Eassie said. An aftermarket lock on the window prevented it from being opened to the point where entry could have been gained.

Thefts from unlocked vehicles continue to occur as well, Eassie said.

“Although the numbers of thefts are relatively low, in the majority of cases, the vehicles have been left unlocked. It is possible that by simply locking the vehicle that some of these thefts would have been prevented,” he said.

Saanich Police remind residents to watch for suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods, and to report the activity to police as soon as possible.