Oak Bay live-aboard senior loses second boat in a month

Items donated after fire were lost in latest sinking

If it wasn’t for bad luck, these days Fritz Schreiner would have no luck at all.

Schreiner, 83, lost most of his possessions when his live-aboard boat caught fire and sank in Oak Bay in December. The community rallied and donated supplies and clothes to Schreiner’s cause, and he got his backup vessel, a 40-year-old wooden-hulled boat, into the water a few days later.

But misfortune struck again.

Schreiner’s latest home sank in late January, along with many of the donated items he received, including a brand new generator.

Beach Drive resident Terri Kambites spearheaded the effort to help Schreiner out after his first boat sank.

Now she’s relaunched the campaign in disbelief over the most recent turn of events.

“He’s got absolutely nothing now. Everything’s gone now,” she said.

Kambites explained that Schreiner was reluctant to go to the media about his newest predicament, not wanting to be seen as a charity case. She couldn’t sit idly, however. “I’m just devastated for the man.”

Anyone wishing to donate money or supplies for Schreiner can reach Kambites via email at happymom2005@hotmail.com or drop off donations at her home at 1526 Beach Dr.