Prospect Lake Road sidewalk put to use

New sidewalk on Prospect Lake Road has led to increase in pedestrian traffic

An added stretch of sidewalk along Prospect Lake Road near Prospect Lake elementary school has led to a “remarkable” increase in pedestrian traffic, said the The Prospect Lake District Community Association.

“It’s hard to predict how many people will use a sidewalk until it’s in place, but since its installation there are dog walkers, joggers, baby carriages and folks taking an evening stroll out regularly,” said Catherine Hamilton, board member with the community association. “The sidewalk is literally drawing people out in the community, which is very positive.”

Saanich extended the sidewalk from from 4955 to 321 Prospect Lake Rd., near Prospect Lake elementary in 2013.

There are still more than 200 kilometres of needed sidewalk in Saanich, which could take decades to complete.

Prioritizing is a multilayered process that considers Saanich’s safe-route-to-school initiative. Other factors are explained in the Pedestrian Priorities Implementation Plan, which is designed to improve the walkability of neighbourhoods in Saanich.

“Walking plays an important role in creating vibrant, livable communities,” said Harley Machielse, Saanich’s director of engineering. “It’s good to hear the feedback that it creates more of a walking community. You can see there’s demand for one but there’s not always the success we have had with this section.”