Alerts should come quicker from cops

Letter to the editor

Re: Police warn of scam artists targeting region (News, July 20)

Thank you for publishing this article about the telephone scam artists. My family and I have received at least five of these calls, which I fortunately recognized as being fishy.

I strung them along for a while and they seemed quite affronted when I told them they were scammers. They initially gave themselves away when all the info they had about us was our name from the phone book. Furthermore, they could not provide any specific details about my computers, when asked.

They also wanted to install Teamviewer, a remote control program that I use regularly for troubleshooting my mother’s computer in the U.K. When I asked them what information they would like me to give to the police, they hung up.

I wonder if there is a way of getting information about this kind of scam out to the public more quickly. It has been at least a couple of weeks since my first call. Perhaps the local police forces could have an email alert that one could subscribe to.

Mike Jackson