All park users deserve voice in land decision

Re: Allow JDF Trail neighbours to make land-use decisons (Letters, April 1)

Zachary Doeding may be a landowner’s rep, but his misleading arguments are still a house of cards on very shaky factual grounds. Massive clear-cutting and landscape destruction will be committed by developer Ender Ilkay with his monstrous plan. Trees grow back but Ilkay’s vision will scar the landscape permanently. Doeding seems to forget that the whole spirit and appeal of the trail and those wild places is that they are so beautifully inaccessible.

The development proposal may have the endorsement of the chief and council of the Pacheedaht First Nation, but there is still a lot of opposition and concerns among other band members and elders.

Those west coast lands and trails are a priceless jewel on our island paradise. No developer or landowner has the right to tell me I have no voice in their future. Only the full CRD board, representing the interests of everyone on the South Island, should be making the call on this important issue. Hopefully they have the sense to say “No.”

Doreen Marion Gee