Allow Discovery Island access to the responsible beachgoers

Re: Songhees limit access to Discovery Island (News. Aug. 3)

Re: Songhees limit access to Discovery Island (News. Aug. 3)

For many years my family has accessed Pandora Hill and Seabird Point in Discovery Island Park from the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) access road for the lighthouse, which starts at the boathouse on the north side of Discovery Island.

In my opinion, this is the safest boat access to the park.  Unfortunately, on the CRD’s Natural Areas Atlas, the MoT road access is shown running through IR3 for about 0.5 km.

This “trespass” through the Songhees reserve presumably closes the MoT road  to the public for accessing the park.

I fully understand and support the Songhees in their wish to safeguard their lands from those who litter, light beach fires and otherwise defile the land.

These are problems faced by many beachfront property owners in the CRD. In my experience, a minority of beachgoers are problematic.

As a goodwill gesture to those who are respectful of the foreshore and land, perhaps the Songhees First Nation would consider allowing public access to the park via the MoT access road, and temporary moorage of small boats at the boathouse beach.

Sandy Argue