Beware of the ‘superior species’

Re: Don’t feel too sorry for Fido, (Our View, June 13).

Re: Don’t feel too sorry for Fido, (Our View, June 13).

I was disappointed to read this column. I am not sure if this is the overall view of the Saanich News because it was written under “Our View.”

I think it is important for people to give their opinions regarding touchy subjects such as whether or not dogs should be allowed on buses. I appreciate that an opinion was given; what bothers me is that it was written in a confusing manner and the tone was condescending at times.

Mentioning that dogs don’t belong in a place where there is a fireworks show or a busy market makes sense, but does not help to prove that canines should not be allowed on buses. It was stated that if instead of an overpopulation of deer, it was rats or snakes that were in great numbers, that the CRD would have no problem making a decision about their demise.

Actually rats were introduced (through human activities such as trade through shipping), and the black-tailed deer is a native species whose density has greatly increased due a lack of natural predators and destruction of environment through clearing of forests.

The circumstance is different and relates to many factors. And we have no dangerous snakes on Vancouver Island so overpopulation would likely mean more food for their predators and fewer rodents. But this is a whole new topic on its own. And besides, how does this relate to dogs being allowed on buses anyway?

What bothered me most about the column was the statement in the last paragraph, “We must remember that as humans we are the superior species, and as such we must make decisions based on what is best for us.”

This can make one wonder why humans are spending epic amounts of resources to attempt to fix the issues resulting from those informed decisions.

The reason why humans make all the decisions is because they have a voice and the other billions of species that live on this planet do not.

Honestly, I hope that dogs will never truly be anthropomorphized as it is suggested in the article. It would mean that they have traded their amazing disposition for unconditional love for the egocentrism of the human species. And that would be sad.

Stephanie Wolf