Cedar Hill should have some restaurant service

Re: Residents call for restaurant at Cedar Hill, (News, June 27)

Re: Residents call for restaurant at Cedar Hill, (News, June 27)

The situation at the Cedar Hill Golf Course is a direct result of poor management, but the restaurant was closed before a change was made.

The golf course has never been considered a recreational facility like Commonwealth Place, so it has not been subsidized by taxpayers. It has more than paid its own way in the past.

After the fire, the new building had a second floor added for public food services and space for group gatherings that was first class.

Golfers and tournaments scheduled early could get a simple breakfast or toast and coffee, as well as early morning walkers. People in the area, passers by, as well as women’s groups, buses of seniors and business groups often came for the light lunch menu.

When the new irrigation system was needed, there was no contingency fund in place, so the patrons of the golf course and restaurant were responsible for the debt.

To solve this and save money, management would shut the restaurant down without notice if there were not enough customers.

People who would come and find the service closed, went elsewhere and finally stopped coming altogether. Some golfers went elsewhere to eat before golfing. Instead of encouraging new patrons, management pushed them away.

Advertising has since been introduced in the local media, but there is still a need  for adequate food services in order to help increase the revenue.

In my opinion, a simple breakfast and lunch menu from  7 a.m. to 3 p.m. would be a move in the right direction.

Len Anderson