Changes to floodplain not wholly necessary

I am one of a small number of households that look directly onto Panama Flats. I feel lucky to have a perfect situation in my view.

When the bog floods in the winter we have lakefront property and the summer when it dries up we don’t get bitten to death by mosquitoes living on stagnant water.

My only concern regarding Saanich buying the land is the issue of building on the property. One parcel will be across the street.

Frank Leonard’s comment on unrecognizably changing the area within the next 20 years is also concerning. I like Panama Flats the way it is, but I’m also interested in following proposals for new ideas.

As long as I can see the moonlight glisten off the water and listen to the ducks and geese, then I’m not opposed to some sort of farming.

I understand the floodplain issue and hope things don’t change too drastically. I’m sure the wildlife feel the same.

Darren Gilby