Citizens’ input needed

Saanich needs open, honest, unfiltered input from its citizens

Saanich is a solid community that has a lot going for it, but in order to maintain and improve this status further there should be open, honest, unfiltered input from its citizens.

This makes for an evolving, vibrant state of affairs. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly. Yes, warts too. All comments and opinions should be welcomed by Saanich council. The staff and management are mature enough and competent enough to handle this objectively, unlike some of the councillors.

Coun. Haynes’ attempt to Potemkinize Mayor Atwell’s Facebook page belongs to the 1700s of Catherine the Great’s Russia, not in 2015 Saanich. Such Potemkinization of a Facebook page is less than honest and is misrepresentative. That’s not the Saanich we know and want.

Mayor Atwell, stick to your philosophy of openness and transparency. That is the route to go.

Sylvia Walsh