Column writer is not a doctor on smart meter concerns

Re: Premier bitten by pest problem, (B.C. Views, May 23)

Re: Premier bitten by pest problem, (B.C. Views, May 23)

I couldn’t help feeling confused after reading Tom Fletcher’s column where he mentions the “imaginary health effects of smart meters, being egged on by shoddy, sensationalist media reporting.”

Personally I feel the media reporting has swayed in favour of B.C. Hydro’s PR spin – but that wasn’t the confusing part.

Earlier on Wednesday I read a press release  from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM). This academy consists of doctors and scientists who are calling for “immediate caution regarding smart meter installation” citing human health impacts of chronic exposure to radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.

Now the question is: whose view do I trust? Mr. Fletcher’s or these doctors, who are concerned about the significant, but poorly understood, quantum field health effects of EMF and RF and who are calling for more independent research to assess the safety of “smart meter” technology.

Sherry Ridout