Concerns surround badminton facility

Cordova Bay Community Club facility surrounded by single and multi-family residential properties

I am one of the Ron Jordan ‘dissenters’ of the proposed rezoning and redevelopment of the Cordova Bay Community Club facility.

The ‘dissenters’ are Cordova Bay residents most impacted by the proposal, for the following reasons:

First, the site is located in an area surrounded by single and multi-family residential properties, therefore the current zoning should remain as is.

Second, the final stage of the proposed facility does not fit with the ‘Cordova Bay Local Area Plan’ requirements currently on record at Saanich. The drawings provided on the Cordova Bay Community Club website indicate that the final building size would be higher and over twice as wide as the existing building. It would be better served in a light industrial area.

Third, Sutcliffe Road is a narrow single lane dead-end street. Significant added vehicular traffic will endanger safety of the residents, which consists of young children to seniors.

Fourth, The Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs official statement to Saanich Planning regarding this proposal sent on April 17 is: “The Cordova Bay Association board met yesterday and advises that it cannot support the rezoning of 941 Sutcliffe Rd.  As per the Local Area Plan, we judged the rezoning application ‘on its merits, giving specific consideration for access, traffic generation, noise, scale, parking… and impact on adjoining residential properties,’ and found that the expansion of the badminton club would present problems on all of these issues.  Furthermore, the proposed building is completely unsympathetic to a residential neighbourhood.  Our recommendation is that the site remain zoned for residential use…”

I assume that the CBA is also to be considered a troublesome ‘dissenter’?

Fifth, Saanich Planning has not officially approved the proposal. It is listed as ‘Pending’ on their website.

Brian Dunning