Credible climate info out there

Re: Science editorial skates on thin ice (Letters, Sept. 19)

Re: Science editorial skates on thin ice (Letters, Sept. 19)

The letter writer makes some extraordinary claims about a number of climate and climate change related topics.

It’s good to see that he is at least on the right track with his acknowledgement that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and that it is causing warming.

Luckily for all of your readers there are many accurate, interesting, and useful resources available these days. The IPCC AR4 Physical Science Basis report would be a good place to start and is freely available on the Internet.

I encourage others who share similar beliefs to spend a bit of effort to improve their knowledge about the world.

It will benefit them (and all of us) since we do have some important and difficult decisions to make together in the near future. Some political leadership on this issue would be nice as well but that’s a topic for other letters.

Ed Wiebe