Cyclists must ramp up signalling efforts

Re: Pedestrians, cyclists aren’t careful (Letters, March 9)

I have many incidents with inconsiderate cyclists.

I walk the Lochside trail and rather than having cyclists scare me by coming up behind me and not signaling when they are going to pass,  I have taken to walking on the left because then I am facing the oncoming cyclists and those coming from behind me cannot take me by surprise.

Another example of inconsiderate cyclists happened when I was stopped at Feltham Road waiting to turn left onto Cedar Hill Road.  I almost pulled out but at that moment noticed three cyclists in line coming from the right. They gave no signal that they were going to turn onto Feltham in front of me and I could easily have pulled out in front of them and caused an accident.

When will cyclists learn that drivers are not mind readers and they should be aware that they owe it to themselves to signal their intentions?

Lyndis Davis