Cyclists pay their fair share

Re Licensing bicyclists makes sense (Letters, Sept. 19).

Re Licensing bicyclists makes sense (Letters, Sept. 19).

I agree that safety is the top priority for cyclists and motorists alike. However, the notion of a “bike licence” is motivated by suspicious ideals.

Biking is not only a form of emission-free transportation, but a healthy, enjoyable activity that needs to be encouraged.

Regulating and creating fees for cyclists will only hinder all the amazing efforts done thus far to promote sustainable transportation.

The fact that cyclists and walkers don’t pay a “penny” for the use of “roadways and sidewalks” isn’t true – it’s called taxes.

Ultimately, awareness needs to be raised between cyclists as well as motorists on how to share the road.

This may come in the form of offering free bike/motorist safety workshops, as well as creating safe riding courses that can be implemented into school curriculums.

David Norwell