Data needed for balanced governance

Data needed for balanced governance

Is the BC Liberals claim to balanced governance undermined by their own two overarching policies: not to collect adequate decision support data for issues and to allow cash for access lobbying?

Without adequate data and transparency, the basis to assess alternatives and taxpayers long-term financial risk, on economic, social and environmental concerns, is removed. Short-term data, focused on business and election cycle time frames alone, does not address longer-term public interest concerns.

Global interests, with short-term perspectives and formidable lobbying capabilities, are involved in B.C. politics around affordable housing and megaprojects like Site C, LNG, pipelines and oil tankers.

Insufficient data plus cash for access together result in undemocratic governance without political accountability, featuring uncertainty and risk of corruption, and economic risk is transferred to taxpayers.

In this globalization age, the BC Liberals insist on maintaining an outdated, unbalanced and overall corrupt business model for governance. Who are they governing for?

Ron Kot