Feminist progress too important to reverse

Re: Feminism gone too far in Canada (Comment, March 4)

I love that in the Victoria News you regularly address issues of homelessness and poverty, which brings attention to people who are not in powerful positions and need a spotlight on their difficulties.

I am wondering why you have an article celebrating International Women’s Day, and on the next page have a column where someone is doubting if feminism is necessary?

Why, even if a person thinks they have every right and privilege they could possibly ever have, would they try to undermine the concept of feminism, which is about, by definition, equal rights for men and women?

She says she loves all the rights, and then appears to want to get rid of the concept that got people those rights to begin with. What is wrong with a woman having a bumper sticker supporting women’s rights?

There are women all over the world in many countries who don’t have rights – women are not just in North America. International Women’s Day is about all women, and every day should be about all women and men, as well as every other creature on the planet.

Devon Sneed

Oak Bay