Glass collection helps reduce carbon footprint

How does it makes sense for us to get in our cars to drop off our glass recyclables?

The CRD is considering terminating blue box pick up of glass.

Let me see if I understand the CRD. It’s a given that we’re all supposed to be doing our best to lessen our carbon footprint. Please correct me if I’m stepping out of line. Now we have a recycling company who is in front of our home every two weeks. The new recycling company would like to maximise their profits by skipping the glass pick up component.

You have recycling depots crying out for you to send us to them, and they’ll hire more people. Now the truck is at our place of residence every two weeks, that’s a given.

How does it makes sense for us to get in our cars, or get on the bus with our glass instead of giving it to the truck that is already in front of our homes? Please tell me how that lessens our carbon footprint.

David Waterhouse