Golf course trail an on-leash area

The Cedar Hill golf course trail is an amazing gift to our community.

The Cedar Hill golf course trail is an amazing gift to our community.

Everyone should feel comfortable using this resource, including your dog.

Unfortunately, your dog is not entirely attuned to the niceties of trail etiquette.

Twice in the past week I have been stopped in my early morning run by an off-leash dog barking and blocking my way in the middle of the trail. Both times the owner was eventually able to get her frightened canine under control.

A year ago I was not so lucky.

On Oct. 27 last year at the southeast corner of the trail at the bottom of the hill behind the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, I was attacked by a large off-leash Rottweiler. I received four puncture wounds to my left side and required a doctor’s care.

After my Rottweiler encounter, I wrote to the Saanich asking for improved signage alerting dog-owners that this is an on-leash trail.

Since then, the municipality has erected prominent signs limiting their liability in the event of errant golf balls. They have put up new signs instructing cyclists to dismount in deference to golfer congestion. But there has been no improvement in signs that might help me feel I can run the trail in safety.

So, I appeal directly to you dog-owners. I am happy to see your dogs enjoying the trail. But I am not happy to feel that I am at risk of being his morning snack.

Please keep your dogs on a leash.

Christopher Page