Governance change makes sense for transit planning

Re: Mayors seek to restructure transit (News, March 9)

Finally, I have heard our local politicians set off a public discussion about a model for transportation planning that belongs in the 21st century. The fact that we do not have such a process in place today has clearly affected the formally called Travel Choices Strategy.

It is interesting to note, that this strategy actually discussed such an option but gained little favour with the CRD board of the day.

It is imperative that we pay more attention to land-use planning in the CRD, and by taking on the role for transportation planning we will improve our ability to direct growth.

The current projects under discussion, from the Johnson Street Bridge, Rapid Transit, the E&N and overpasses, all appear to be planned without much consideration or integration with each other. It is time to bring some sense to it all.

But all this will take time. Any time we change a governance model, the shift can be torturous as we work revenue sources and staffing structures.

While I say let’s grab the opportunity to move forward on this governance issue, we can not use it as an excuse to stall the current projects already underway.

There is too much work to be done and needs to be done soon to hold back at this stage. Perhaps the fact that we are pushing in a new direction will help spur on the current menu of transportation planning activities.

Rob Wickson